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Smart User Email Verification

Validate your customers' emails with Smart User Email Verification for WooCommerce.

Automatically Verify Customer Emails

Email Verification is a must-have feature for every merchant who wishes to merchant who wish to avoid fake registrations, orders and comments. Merchants who offers cash on delivery along with the online payment methods needs to verify customers identity to avoid fake cash on delivery orders and cost attached to such returns.

With this Smart Email Verification extension, you can send automatic verification emails to registered customers and verify the email address. You can also enable/disable restrictions on customers to login or place orders unless their email address has been verified.


  • Verifies new and existing customer emails
  • Send separate verification emails or add a verification link in a default new account email
  • Ability to delay default “New Account” email until verification
  • Exclude specific user roles from email verification
  • Redirect users to My Account or a custom URL after a successful verification
  • Prevent automatic login after registration and checkout
  • Display email verification notices on order Thank You pages
  • Block order emails for unverified customers
  • Choose to logout existing unverified customers
  • Restrict checkout for unverified customers
  • Customize link expiration dates and email text
  • Customize verification notices displayed on My-Account pages
  • Blacklist specific email addresses

Verify new registration emails

Display an email verification notice to customers after the successful submission of a registration form. Customize verification notices to personalize them to match your store requirements.

Verify existing customer emails

With the Smart User Email Verification extension, you can choose to log out existing users and force them to verify their email addresses. Once the email is verified, they will be able to log in to their accounts.

Verify emails after checkout

Verify the email addresses of customers who create an account during the checkout process. You can choose to simply display a verification message on the Thank You page or block the Thank You page to force customers to verify their emails.

Verify emails before checkout (restrict checkout)

Tired of fake orders? This feature can help you to reduce fake orders placed via bots by restricting customer access to checkout unless they verify their email address. This comes in handy for stores that offer COD, bank checks, and other similar payment methods.

Customize email templates

You can customize the email templates to match your store’s requirements. The extension enables you to send a separate verification email or add a verification link in your default “New Account” welcome email to verify a user’s email address.

Exclude selected roles and blacklist emails

You can specify user roles to exclude from email verification. Add comma-separated email addresses to blacklist them. The customers with the specified emails won’t be able to register.

Customize notices

The notices are an important guide for your customers about their account and email verification status. Store admins can personalize these notices as per their store requirements.



Minimum PHP version: 7.2

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