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Speedex Courier Voucher for WooCommerce

With Speedex Courier Voucher for WooCommerce you can create , print, cancel vouchers(Shipping Tickets) from Speedex Courier in Greece.

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Vouchers (shipping labels/tickets) are made easy with Speedex Courier for WooCommerce plugin . It helps you creating,  canceling  and tracking your WooCommerce orders, making your life and your customers lives easier.

Main Functions

  1. Create vouchers
  2. Print vouchers (single or in bulk)
  3. Cancel vouchers
  4. Track vouchers
  5. Send automatic emails to customers with order tracking numbers
  6. Automatically update an order status with “delivery completed” or “delivery denied”
  7. Support Multiple Instances (You can use multiple credentials)


speedex woocommerce voucher

speedex voucher WooCommerce preview Speedex WooCommerce settings preview Speedex WooCommerce Voucher Preview image 2


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