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Store Locator

Developed by POWR
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Store Locator

Developed by POWR

Easily help customers find your stores, events, and products in a fully customizable map and store locator extension for your WooCommerce site.

Display All Your Locations

Add all of your locations and choose their name and description. You can choose your map pin colors or even upload your own custom pin for greater personalization.



Flexible Design Options

You can add a panel that displays all your locations on the left of your map and add a search bar. Make it super easy for customers to find you by automatically displaying the location nearest to them. You can also choose your map provider: either Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.

With map style options, you can also make it seamlessly match the look and feel of your WooCommerce store.

Feature highlights:

  • Intuitive location panel lets users jump between multiple locations.
  • Choose between satellite, roadmap, or hybrid maps.
  • Add a search bar to your Store Locator.
  • Automatically show the location nearest to your customer.
  • Add your own custom pins to Store Locator.
  • Highly customizable design: custom fonts, borders, backgrounds, and more.
  • Supports text in any language.
  • Mobile-responsive on any device.
  • Instant access to all 60 POWR plugins, such as Social Feed for fresh content on your site and Popup for stellar landing page conversion.


WooCommerce exclusive pricing gives you access to all Starter features for one year. To access Pro or Business features, like bulk CSV uploads, monthly or yearly upgrades are available on POWR.

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