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Reviews can often be the deciding factor when making a purchase online. Highlight your best reviews on your homepage, or across your site with Storefront Reviews.

Increase conversions by highlighting positive product reviews

It’s a well known fact that customer reviews play a big role in eCommerce. Reading a positive review can be what tips the decision to purchase for many customers, but many sites hide reviews away on individual product pages.

The Storefront Reviews extensions enables you to display reviews on your homepage in a variety of styles, or anywhere on your site via the included shortcode.

Reviews on display
Reviews on display


There are a variety of display options for the homepage component including:

  • Title – Specify a title for your reviews
  • Review scope – Specify whether to display the most recent reviews, reviews from a specific product or even specific reviews themselves
  • Review display – Choose from 3 different review styles as well as specifying how many columns to arrange reviews in to
  • Carousel – Create an attractive, touch-friendly scrolling carousel to display reviews
  • Colors – Gain control of the rating colors throughout your WooCommerce powered store
The carousel
The carousel


Each of those display options are also available as attributes on the Storefront Reviews shortcode. This can be added manually, or via the handy shortcode generator button.

Storefront Required

This extension is designed to work specifically with Storefront, the official WooCommerce theme. It will not work with any other theme.

Storefront is available to download for free. Read more.

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