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Subaccounts & Multi-User Accounts

This extension allows customers to have multiple accounts, and sub accounts with configurable permissions, under the same master account.

Powerful Access with Subaccounts

Allow multiple users to access a company’s account, view pricing, place orders, or create shopping lists for the main account. This extension is ideal for companies that need to create employee accountsstores with multiple branches or locations, and businesses with multiple people in charge of inventory or purchase decisions.

Enable your customers to have advanced, distributed, multiuser access to their accounts. The extension will be a powerful tool for stores that frequently deal with business customers and wholesale buyers.


  • Multiple users have access to a single account
  • Set permissions for can place orders, view account orders, create shopping lists, or view account lists
  • Subaccounts that don’t have permission to checkout can save the cart as a shopping list, which the main account can buy
  • The main account can create and manage accounts
  • Manage name, title, phone number for each subaccount
  • The main account can view which users placed which orders
  • The main account can view which users created which shopping lists

Distributed, multi-level access to a buyer account is an important feature for business and organizational buyers. By using this extension, a shop can become more attractive to business buyers and attract larger accounts.


Get Subaccounts and Multi-User Accounts and enable next-level, enterprise-grade access for your customers to their buyer accounts.


Looking for More? – B2B & Wholesale Suite

This plugin is part of the B2B & Wholesale Suite.

If you are looking for a complete wholesale or B2B solution for your store, our B2B & Wholesale Suite has it all:

  • Wholesale Bulk Order Form
  • Wholesale Prices
  • Tiered Price and Tiered Price Table
  • Invoice Payment Gateway
  • Tax Exemptions and VAT Validation
  • Business Registration with Custom Fields
  • Messaging System
  • Shopping Lists
  • Payment and Shipping Methods Control
  • Rules for Quantity Step, Minimum Order, Discounts, and more
  • Different Content for Different Users
  • 90+ other features across 20 plugin modules.

B2B & Wholesale Suite



Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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