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Subscription Box for WooCommerce

by  Codup
Increase your revenues by letting customers build their own Subscription Boxes of your Products.

Earn More Profit by Increasing Sales Through Recurring Revenues…

Enable your customers to create their own product bundles and subscribe to them, improving your customer experience, customer loyalty, customer retention, sales, and PROFITS!

Subscription Box is an add-on of WooCommerce Subscription extension that lets customers mix and match products and create their own custom subscription box and then subscribe to them on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Capture recurring revenues as your customers subscribe to the product bundles/boxes they create
  • Increase sales and profits without increasing customer acquisition costs
  • Increase customer retention and customer loyalty and earn higher profits
  • Improve your customer experience by delivering products your customers love without them placing the order every time

Core Features of Subscription Box for WooCommerce Plugin

Allow Customers to Create their Own Boxes

Subscription Box for WooCommerce allows the admin to specify which products or product categories to display on the Box Plan page. 

Your customers can then mix and match products specified by the admin and create their own custom boxes. 

Increase Revenues with Recurring Subscriptions

The Subscription Box plugin for WooCommerce allows the admin to specify the billing frequency of the box subscription plan. 

This allows customers to subscribe to box plans and get their favorite products delivered to their doorstep without worrying about placing orders on time. 

These recurring subscriptions also translate to increased revenues and more sales for the store owner. 

Let Customers Change Their Box Plan

An intuitive My Subscription page lets customers: 

  • Change Box Plan and choose a different box
  • Delay or rush the next delivery of the box
  • Edit products of their existing Box Plan
  • Cancel their subscription
  • Edit their payment method and shipping address

Fully Customizable UI with Gutenberg Compatibility

Subscription Box for WooCommerce lets the admin build a fully customized Bundles page using Gutenberg. Admin can choose which Bundles or Box plans to offer on the page and even customize all labels including button labels and bundle headings. 

Admin can even change the font and background colors of the Mini Cart and Subscription Details page.

Subscription Box for WooCommerce is the ultimate plugin that increases customer satisfaction, improves customer experience, and increases your sales, revenues, and profits – all from one plugin!

Grab the plugin now and watch your profits grow!


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