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Swiss Post: Barcodes, Address Checker & Auto-Complete

Create delivery slips (with barcode) from an order and enable auto-suggestion and verification of your customers' addresses during checkout

Facilitate Your Shipments And Enhance The Customer Experience

Swiss Post for WooCommerce adds the following features to your e-commerce platform:

  • Bar code generation: From an order in the back office, generate in one click the delivery slips (or labels) with the customer address, the Swiss Post bar code, as well as your desired delivery parameters. The customer automatically receives the Track & Trace link (if you have WooCommerce’s “Shipment Tracking” extension). Say goodbye to manually copying addresses in an external service and customers asking you when they will receive their parcel!
  • Address auto-completion: During checkout, when your customer starts typing their city, address, or postcode, an auto-complete suggestion will allow them to save time and avoid mistakes
  • Address verification: When a customer has finished entering their address, the validity of this address can be confirmed by the Swiss Post extension.

These modules can be activated and configured individually. Please note this module does not generate barcodes for international shipments.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate your shipping process by having an intuitive interface directly integrated into the order page
  • Personalize the enabled shipping methods & options – The configuration interface allows you to choose the different shipping services you want to see on the order page
  • Automatically generate and integrate tracking codes into orders, allowing you to build custom tracking links that will be sent to customers
  • Multiple formats possible: A5, A6, A7
  • No need to pay at the counter (you receive a monthly invoice)
  • No need to manually copy the parcel number
  • No need to manually write a label with the address of the recipient
  • Generated label corresponds exactly to the required shipping type (Postpac Economy, Priority, etc.)

Supported delivery methods

  • A+ (for letters)
  • PostPac Priority
  • PostPac Economy
  • Bulky Goods Priority
  • Bulky Goods Economy
  • PostPac Priority GAS
  • PostPac Economy GAS
  • Swiss-Express Moon

Supported handling options

  • Direct delivery to an upper floor
  • Do not place in letterbox; deliver manually
  • Notify delivery by telephone
  • Place in letterbox or at front door
  • Deliver contents; take back box
  • Failed delivery; return item as priority
  • Follow delivery information in document pouch
  • Collect empty containers or materials for recycling
  • Do not deliver to mailbox or neighbor: do not leave

Additional options

  • Fragile
  • Manual processing
  • Signature


  • This module is translated in 4 languages: English, German, French, Italian.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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