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Syncee - Global Dropshipping

Enhance your store's functionality with the Syncee - Global Dropshipping for WooCommerce plugin

Integrate Your Store with Syncee – Global Dropshipping

Syncee is a global B2B dropshipping and wholesale platform designed to help retailers find products to sell and suppliers to work with. With the Syncee – Global Dropshipping for WooCommerce plugin you can automate your product uploads, updates, and order data synchronization.

Millions of products from the US, CA, EU, AU, and more

On Syncee Marketplace, there are millions of high-profit products with fast-shipping from reliable, pre-vetted suppliers from all over the world. Syncee has powerful tools to provide ready-to-sell products for big and small online retail businesses without any inventory risk.

Have you just started your business? Are you looking for products to sell? Are you looking for ways to extend your existing store’s product range? Syncee is the ideal partner for you!

Pick products one by one from the product directory or suppliers in bulk. Once you choose your products, you can manage them easily with Syncee – Global Dropshipping for WooCommerce.

No upfront investment in stock

In dropshipping, there is no minimum order quantity, no upfront investment in stock, and no inventory risk. The products are available in single units. The supplier ships the products directly to customers.

Automatic product data uploads and updates

With Syncee, you can upload products into your WooCommerce store in one click. The app will update the product data daily, automatically, so you can avoid overselling.

Automated order data synchronization

After a customer places an order in your store, the payment and order details send directly to the supplier. The supplier will then ship the products directly to your customer.

Customizable pricing settings

In Syncee, you can customize your pricing settings, add tiered pricing rules, and category pricing. You can also add fixed or percentage-based price margins and add rounding rules.

Free support

Syncee provides free support to all its users and to those who are interested in using it. On the app’s Help Center you can find useful articles in more languages. If you have any questions, contact the team via email,, or via in-app chat.

Enjoy the benefits of Syncee

  • Millions of products in a wide range of categories
  • Local and global suppliers with fast shipping
  • Transparent platform, direct contact with suppliers
  • Quick and automatic product uploads and updates
  • Automated order data synchronization
  • Bulk product data management is also available
  • AI-based product and supplier filter
  • Customizable pricing settings
  • Currency conversion
  • In-app direct retailer-supplier chat
  • Built-in product editor
  • Easily manageable product category mapping


  1. Click to install.
  2. You need to fill in the Login details or Register details. Please click on the REGISTER button and fill in the fields if you do not have a Syncee account yet.
  3. If you do not have a Syncee account yet, then in this step you need to add the domain of your store.
  4. The system will redirect you to the specific URL of your added domain.
  5. When the installation is complete you will be redirected and logged in to Syncee. You will see our step-by-step guide to complete the installation.
  6. After installation, start browsing the Syncee Marketplace for products and suppliers.


Syncee offers a free Starter plan with access to sourcing products and browsing among millions of dropshipping items. Collect the products you love into your Syncee catalog, and upgrade your plan to import products into your online store. Check all pricing details.

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