WooCommerce Taxamo

by  OPMC
Calculate, collect, pay, and track VATMOSS with WooCommerce Taxamo.

  • Stay compliant with EU VAT (value-added tax) regulations for digital goods
  • Connect your WooCommerce store with the powerful Taxamo EU VAT tax calculator
  • Let Taxamo calculate the EU VAT for customers in EU locations and collect and make payments for you to the appropriate VATMOSS (mini-one-stop-shop) locations

How do you use WooCommerce Taxamo?

Taxamo is an end-to-end service that calculates the appropriate EU VAT rates based on your customers’ locations and the products within their carts. Taxamo can capture up to six separate records of location data in a single transaction, all in real time, and all without interrupting the customer.

Connect your store to Taxamo with the WooCommerce Taxamo extension and comply with EU VAT regulations. Once connected, WooCommerce will send cart information to Taxamo when your customers check out. Taxamo returns the appropriate amount of EU taxes to charge for the digital goods in their carts. After the customers pay, Taxamo routes the collected taxes to the appropriate VATMOSS locations.

The WooCommerce Taxamo extension uses Taxamo’s API for correct tax calculation, evidence collection, and registration of payments. Taxamo comprehensive reporting tools generate downloadable EU MOSS returns and audit files.

What is VATMOSS?

VATMOSS is an EU VAT regulation, effective January 1st, 2015. This new regulation requires that VAT for the sale of digital goods be charged based on the location of the customer (rather than the location of the online store) as well as factoring in different rates depending on the type of digital goods (for example, the cost of an eBook sold in France is different than the cost of a digital download).

The payments are made to a MOSS (mini-one-stop-shop) registered in the EU and collected by the appropriate government department.



The latest version of this extension supports the API v2. Please ensure your account with Taxamo supports the API v2 before upgrading. If you are unsure, please ask Taxamo. Before you upgrade or buy the extension be sure your Taxamo account supports it.

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