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The SEO Framework - Premium

Improve your product rankings in search results with premium SEO support.

  • The SEO Framework (TSF) automatically suggests improvements to your product listings
  • Creates single-page sitemap that helps search engines rapidly find new product listings
  • Formats meta titles and meta descriptions correctly for SEO

Drive more organic traffic to your products

The SEO Framework (TSF) is unlike any other SEO extension. It offers unparalleled speed, is feature-complete, and adheres to WordPress and Google best practices. Its automatic generation of critical SEO meta tags eliminates the need for SEO expertise—a timesaver, so you focus on what matters most for your online store.

TSF integrates with all types of posts, pages, and products. It lets you customize titles, descriptions, and social metadata: the extension supports Open Graph, Facebook, and Twitter Card protocols, and it generates structured data for you.

Lightning-fast SEO for WooCommerce (and your site)

It’s proven that faster sites generate more sales. TSF is the fastest fully featured SEO extension; it’s so fast it even makes your WooCommerce website faster when rewriting its native SEO functionality.


With color-coded guidelines and intuitive hover-over suggestions next to every page, even those new to SEO can improve their pages effortlessly. We call this feature the “SEO Bar.”

Calibrated SEO tools

TSF is the only extension with a pixel-perfect metadata counter that makes sure your titles and descriptions fit on most displays on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Anyone can understand how it works, and it can understand anyone in any language—even HTML code.

Uniquely optimized sitemap

The SEO Framework’s optimized single-page sitemap ensures search engines discover and index your new product releases almost instantly. By leaving out old URLs, search engines process the sitemap faster, and it doesn’t harm ranking.

Practically bug-free

You are not our beta tester. We take our time in thoroughly testing updates over several weeks before making them available to the public. This cautious strategy is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality premium extensions. Our high rating and the small number of reported issues serve as evidence.

Broken link protection

WordPress and its extensions can generate a page for any URL to your website. Sometimes, search engines pick up the wrong URL and go haywire. TSF protects your site against this by steering them back to your intended content.

Awesome anti-spam

Once your site starts ranking, it will attract spam that can harm ranking. Via TSF’s Honeypot extension, you can eliminate all review spam you will inevitably get on your WooCommerce products. It works fast, invisibly, and catches 99.99% of all fake comments and product reviews. Everything’s calculated locally on your site in less than a thousandth of a second, so it doesn’t need to track or bother your actual customers.

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