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Tipping for WooCommerce

Add a Tipping Option on Checkout Page that allowing the customer to add a Tip on their order


Tipping for WooCommerce allows you to accept tips directly on your site! It can be used on any site — but is particularly useful for food delivery businesses.

Customers can add a tip on the checkout page, either by typing in a custom tip amount or by pressing one of the predefined tipping buttons — which add a percentage amount based on the cart subtotal.


Tipping Styling Options


Tip Reports

With Tipping for WooCommerce you can access also Tip Reports for the Total amount of Tips and the number of orders where customers added a tip on their order  for the specified period.

Tip Analytics

Analytics are also supported from Tipping for WooCommerce and can be accessed from Analytics > Tips


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

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