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TrustCommerce gateway

Developed by VanboDevelops
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TrustCommerce gateway

Developed by VanboDevelops

Information & Requirements

  • Requires that your checkout runs through an SSL connection.
  • Subscriptions support requires the storing of customers to the TrustCommerce TC Citadel.
View documentation for more info

Take payments via TrustCommerce

TrustCommerce is a US-based payment processing company, providing affordable and feature full payment services while maintaining one of the highest security standards in the industry. Choosing TrustCommerce will enable you to accept payments from all major credit cards like Visa, Master Card, American Express and more. Also, you will be able to accept eCheck payments with the build-in ACH feature. TrustCommerce accepts payments in US Dollars only.

Supported Features:

  • Accept all major credit cards
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB.
  • Subscription Payments Support
    • Supports payment, cancellation, reactivation, suspension, date changes.
  • eCheck/ACH Payments Support
    • Normal purchases only, not supported for Subscriptions payments.
  • Customer Payment Profiles Support
    • Securely save your customers’ payment profile using the TrustCommerce TC Citadel.
    • Customers can delete and update their profiles from the “My Account” page.
    • Customers can choose to have a profile created when using a new credit card.
  • Refund orders directly from the Order Edit screen
  • Capture Payments directly from the Order Edit screen
  • Optimized Card and eCheck/ACH payment forms


Simple and Clear Checkout

  • Simple and clearly marked payment forms will help customers checkout faster.
  • In-browser card validation will correct any mistakes before the order is even submitted.
  • Customers can pay with saved tokens, which speeds up the checkout even more.
  • Mobile optimized forms displaying the correct keyboard for each field

Manage Stored Payment methods.

Make default, Delete or Add new payment methods.

Capture Authorized Payments

Capture previously authorized payments directly from your store admin. Allows you to capture amount up to the order total directly from the order edit screen.

Process refunds

Process refund payments directly from the Order Edit screen. Just choose how much you want to refund and write in a reason note, it’s that simple.


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