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Ultimate Memberships for WooCommerce

Create multiple membership plans and offers discounts, restrict posts, pages, products and other content to different membership plans. Compatible with WooCommerce Subscription

Create Members-Only Store Features and Discounts

The Ultimate Memberships for WooCommerce extension transforms shop elements from public to private for members-only. You can create multiple membership plans and grant access to specific products, categories, pages, and posts. Admins can also offer discounts based on current plans for different products and categories.

Manually add new members or grant memberships to users based on registration, manual validation, and products purchased. Admins can add additional custom fields to collect extra information from customers during registration and from their My Account pages.

Create a dedicated members’ area page under customers’ My Account sections to inform customers about products, categories, content, and discounts available with their current membership plans.

Tie membership plans with subscription products, thanks to compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription extension.


  • Create multiple membership plans
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscription extension
  • Grant access based on
    • Account registration
    • Account registration (admin approval required)
    • Manual assignment by admin
    • Products purchased
  • Configure membership-plan duration in days, date range, or unlimited period
  • Restrict content access including:
    • Blogs and pages
    • Post types and taxonomies
    • Products and categories
  • Ability to hide the entire product, the Add-to-Cart button, or the price
  • Offer discounts on selected products in percentages or fixed amounts
  • Enable custom tabs in the dedicated members’ area found under the My Account page
  • Show accessible products, categories, blogs, pages, and discounts
  • Customizable email notifications for membership activation, pending, ending soon, expired, or renewal
  • Separate members listing page
    • Filter members by plan
    • Manually add new members or edit existing members
  • View members details including:
    • Active membership plan
    • Membership statuses and start and end dates
    • Custom fields data
    • Send notes to members about new offers and more.
  • Add multiple custom fields and display them
    • At registration
    • At checkout
    • On the My Account page
    • In Admin-only area
  • Supports nine field types
    • Text, email, and number
    • File upload, text area, and dropdown
    • Multi-select, radio buttons, and checkboxes
  • Make fields editable by admin only or both admin and customer
  • Completely hide content, show except, or redirect to custom pages
  • Add custom redirects after login and registration
  • Exclude on-sale products from membership discounts
  • Remove hidden products from listing pages
  • Display custom messages when users try to access the hidden content
  • Setup separate messages for blog posts, pages, products, and purchasing discounts

Membership dashboard

The Ultimate Memberships for WooCommerce extension offers an attractive dashboard that provides basic information about different plans which includes the total, active, pending, and expired members along with a bar-chart display.

Create multiple membership plans

With the Ultimate Memberships for WooCommerce extension, you can create multiple membership plans and provide access to specific products, categories, pages, and offer discounts.

When creating a new membership plan you can configure the following options.

Step 1: Add membership requirements

In the first step, under the “access” tab, you can configure plan name, slug, and following details

Grant access upon:

  • Manual assignment (Admin will manually add new members)
  • User account registration (Grant membership on account creation)
  • User account registration with manual validation (Grant membership on account creation but after admin approval)
  • Product purchase (Purchases selected product(s))

Membership length:

  • Unlimited (User will remain member forever)
  • Date range (Membership will start and expire after specific date range)
  • Number of days (Membership will expire after X days)

Members My Account Area:

Show members only content, products, discounts, notes and membership manage options.

Step 2: Content restrictions (pages, posts)

From the content tab, you can add restrictions for specific posts, post categories, pages, post tags, and post types for non-members. Here are the three restriction controls you can configure here,

  • Only members can view (The selected content will be made available to members of this plan)
  • Grant access
    • Immediately (Immediately grant access to content
    • After number of days (Grant access to content after X days)

Note: From “visibility” tab in extension settings, you can choose an action for non-members who try to access these members-only pages. You can hide the page completely, show page excerpts, or redirect users to another page if they try to access a members-only page or post. See more details below in “Default Visibility” heading below,

Members Content restrictions

Step 3: Product and category restrictions

From the products tab, you can manage the visibility of products and product categories. The extension allows you to manage visibility in four different ways.

Accessibility types: 

  • Only members can view and purchase –  Hide product from non-members and visitors. Only members will be able to view and purchase the product.
  • Only members can purchase – Hide Add-to-Cart button button from non-members. The prices will remain visible. Only members will be able to view and purchase the product.
  • Only members can purchase and see prices – Hide both Add-to-Cart button and prices from non-members. Only members can view prices and purchase products.
  • Only members can view – Hide entire product from non-members. Members can view the product, but the prices and Add-to-Cart button will not be visible for members

Grant access:

  • Immediately (Immediately grant access to content)
  • After number of days (Grant access to content after X days)

Note: From extension settings, you can choose to hide restricted products from shop, category, and other listing pages. You can access this setting from UL Membership > Settings > Visibility.

Step 4: Member’s discount

From the fourth discounts tab, you can offer discounts on specific products and categories for the members of this plan.

Discount types:

  • Fixed
  • Percentage

Grant discount:

  • Immediately (Immediately offer discount)
  • After number of days (Offer discount after X days)

Note: You can exclude on-sale products from discount rules. You can access this setting from UL Membership > Settings > General.

Step 5: Membership status emails

From the email tab, you can configure plan-specific emails, content, and send emails when membership plans are:

  • Activated
  • Pending
  • Ending soon
  • Ended
  • Renewal

The extension offers eight variables to include important information about membership statuses.

Members’ area customer’s front

Selected membership tabs display under the Members’ Area on the My Account page.

Managing Members

The extension provides a separate grid listing of all members enrolled in different plans. You can filter members by status, plan, and more.

You can add new members or edit the details of existing members including:

  • Membership plan, start date, end date, and current status
  • Custom fields data (profile fields)
  • Member Notes (The admin can add a note for members and display them under the My Account > Members’ Area > Notes section.)

You can choose to notify members via email when submitting new notes for them.

Import/Export members

You can import and export members along with membership plan, status, membership start & expiry date.

Custom member fields

The Ultimate Memberships for WooCommerce extension offers a unique feature. It allows you to create additional custom fields to collect extra information from your members. Collecting more data helps maintain a high-quality membership database.

You can create and customize the following field options:

  • Choose from nine field types
    • Text, text area
    • Email, number
    • File upload
    • Dropdown, multi-select
    • Radio and checkbox
  • Customize field labels
  • Make fields dependent on membership plans.
  • Make fields display only for admins or for admins and customers
  • Choose to display fields
    • At registration
    • At checkout (displays in a separate section from membership fields)
    • On the My Account page
    • On the member profile (Admin)

Make fields dependent on membership plans

Fields dependent on specific membership plans will display to current members enrolled in that plan. For user-account registration plans, these fields appear on the registration form and change depending on the plan selected by users.

WooCommerce subscription compatibility:

Ultimate membership is now compatibility with official WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. The membership will be tied with subscription product in a way that the membership status will follow the subscription status of the product. Once you select the subscription product, the membership access tab will display following additional options to further customize membership expiry terms,

  • Never expires (The membership will never expire even if the subscription product expires and full payments are made)
  • Expires with Subscription The membership will follow the subscription status. If subscription is active, the membership will remain active.


Global configuration options:

From the UL Members > settings tab you can access the global configuration options of the extension.

1) Redirect after login and registration

You can choose to redirect users after login and refer them to internal pages or custom URLs. It’s a handy feature to improve user experiences as members are redirected to a specific area of the website based on their current plan.

2) Default visibility

Using the visibility tab, you can configure the default visibility action for non-members. You can set different actions for different products

Page visibility

  • Show restricted content message
  • Hide entire page and return 404 error
  • Redirect to another page/URL

Show short description:

Display product and page excerpt along with restriction message.

Hide restricted products:

This option allows you to hide the accessible products from listing pages.

3) Custom messages

You display custom messages to non-members for hidden blogs posts, pages, products, and discounts. For example, if membership is required to access the product, page or to receive a discount.

The extension offers different variables to make messages personalized and more meaningful for customers. For more details see the documentation.

4) Members settings:

Using the members setting tab you can force customers to select a plan while creating new account if the membership plans are displayed on registration form. You can choose to delete membership data when the user account is deleted by admin.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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