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User Experience Feedback

Create quick surveys to gather customer feedback and improve the user experience.

  • Collect feedback from your customers as they shop
  • Create short, user-friendly surveys with emoji
  • Identify features users like and those that need improvement
  • Respond to user suggestions and improve your shop’s interface and products
  • Increase customer satisfaction and brand equity

The User Experience Feedback extension identifies usability issues, such as confusing navigation, complicated flows, or unclear instructions. With survey feedback, you can promptly address user-reported problems. New users can avoid the same issues and returning shoppers will be impressed by your response to their suggestions.

Maintaining a high level of functionality and reliability increases brand equity, customer satisfaction, and retention.


  • Create short, friendly surveys that users answer by picking an emoji or leaving detailed feedback
  • Customize the text, appearance, position, and emoji used in each survey
  • Collect feedback on Product pages while users shop
  • Collect feedback on Thank You pages when orders are complete
  • Track the performance of your shop with feedback analytics
  • Limit survey requests if users have already provided feedback

Collect feedback on Product and Thank You pages

Thank You page surveys

Shows user experience feedback on the thank you page

A Thank You page survey

When users complete Thank You page feedback, you can see it on the Order details page.

Order related feedback

Edit order page

Product-page surveys

Product-page surveys can inform you about difficulties your customers have placing orders. Shoppers can also let you know about desired product variations or improvements.

Shows product page with feedback popup

A Product-page survey 

View each product’s feedback score.

Average score based on add to cart feedbacks

Extensive customization

Customize Thank You and Product-page surveys

Ability to customise view of the feedback popup

WordPress customizer

Manage feedback and view Analytics

View and filter feedback on one dashboard

Feedback admin page

Feedback admin page

 Explore feedback data with a powerful React.js-based analytics page.

Feedback analytics page

Feedback analytics page

User Experience Feedback provides valuable insights, enables continuous improvement, enhances user satisfaction, and contributes to the long-term success of a website by meeting user needs and expectations.

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