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User Registration for WooCommerce

Create multiple custom forms with User Registration for WooCommerce and automate the lead generation process. 

User Registration for WooCommerce is a state-of-the-art registration form builder extension that makes your user approval process simple and easy. 

User Registration for WooCommerce is an advanced form builder that allows you to build custom user registration forms for anyone and everyone, including B2B wholesalers, retailers, VIPs, merchants, etc. The all-in-one user registration form builder automates your store’s lead-capturing system, so you don’t have to ask your users every trivial detail.  

New customers are key for any growing business, and it’s essential to have their information in order to make sure your business can help them the right way. However, when you have different types of customers registering on your website, using a general registration form with unnecessary fields could confuse customers. 

Create multiple custom forms for different types of customers.

With User Registration for WooCommerce, you can create multiple forms simultaneously and tailor them to your customer types. You can also set different user roles to each form and let the system assign the role to your users after approval. You can also override the WooCommerce default registration form directly or place your form on any page or post using shortcodes.

The most advanced form builder with over 25 field types to collect user information and data.

User Registration for WooCommerce’s advanced form builder has drag-and-drop functionality, enabling users to easily add and customize different fields and options varying from text, number, file uploads, checkboxes, dates, signature, and more.

Auto-approve registration requests in seconds, not hours.

You can set your extension settings to auto-approve user registration requests, saving you time on the tedious task of manually approving each and every customer.

The system sends the admin and customer email notifications on their registration request’s status update. After approval, you can display a custom message to new accounts and welcome them to your website.

Break down the registration form into smaller segments and reduce the question overload for the user.

Your registration form might be a single-step form and ask your users everything all at once. If the single form is long and asks too many questions, chances are that users might feel intimated and abandon it.

Multi-step forms strike a better balance because they allow you to leverage more form fields to collect data and make a large amount of information required to complete a long form appear more organized and less overwhelming.

User Registration for WooCommerce Features

User Registration Form Builder Options

  • Advanced registration form builder with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Add lists, autocomplete, date, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other selectable options.
  • Add and edit headings, text paragraphs, and text areas.
  • Customize input and extra fields – Help Text, Placeholder, Label, Name, Value, and Max Length.
  • Enable the Billing and Shipping form on the Registration page.
  • Add a confirm password field to your registration form.
  • Custom CSS option for a registration form.
  • Custom fields and options – Day (Month-Day-Year), Survey (Questions and Values), Signature, File upload.
  • Create multiple custom forms for different customer types.
  • Multi-step forms to break down single-page forms into segments and sections.
  • Dropbox integration – connect the extension with Dropbox and store information sent by users.
  • Show ReCaptcha option on user registration forms.
  • Display the Invitation Code field on the form and make it required
  • Add Checkbox to Make Default Fields Required

User Registration Form Options 

  • Include or exclude user roles from sending registration requests. 
  • Select a default user role for approved users.
  • Display user roles in a dropdown list.
  • Approve or Reject registration requests – Manually or Automatically.
  • Embed your registration form on any page or post using a shortcode.
  • Display custom fields on the Registration, My Account & Checkout page.
  • Override WooCommerce’s default registration form with the advanced wholesale registration form.
  • Redirect customers from the registration form to a specific page or URL.
  • Enable/Disable User Registration Form on My Account Page.
  • Enable/Disable User Registration Link on My Account Page.
  • Enable/disable Whitelist to auto-approve registration requests based on email addresses with specified domain names.
  • Enable/disable Blacklist to reject registration requests based on email addresses with specified domain names.
  • Restrict specific user roles from accessing designated pages.

Email and Message Options

  • Email notifications to the admin and user after the approval/rejection of the registration request.
  • Send email notifications to the admin (general or specific) when a user’s status is updated.
  • Send order notifications or custom emails to specific user roles.
  • Display custom messages for action, including Account Creation, Pending Registration Request, and Rejected Registration Request.

Why Choose User Registration for WooCommerce?

  • Drag and drop input fields and options in the user registration form

    Easily add additional fields to your form by choosing from a wide variety of options to create the perfect registration form. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder gives you the power to add an unlimited number of input fields like lists, autocomplete, date, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other selectable options. There are 25+ default and extra fields to choose from:

    Billing and Shipping Address Form Fields
    – First name
    – Last name
    – Company name
    – Country/Region
    – Street address
    – Apartment, suite, unit, etc
    – Town/City
    – State
    – Zip Code

    Extra form fields
    – Text field
    – Username
    – Email Address
    – Text area
    – URL
    – Phone number
    – Password
    – Multi-select
    – Number
    – Date/Time
    – Radio buttons
    – Checkboxes
    – File upload
    – reCaptcha
    – Day
    – Survey
    – Signature

  • Embed the user registration form anywhere on the website using shortcodes

    Use a shortcode to place the Wholesale Registration Form on any page or post. The form captures important information from the customers and forwards their requests through a user approval process. The admin can then register and assign the customer a wholesale user role.

  • Manage user registration requests & email notifications

    Simply sign-up your wholesale customers through your wholesale registration form and approve wholesale registration requests manually or automatically. Email notifications are sent to the admin, and the customer after the request is approved or rejected.

  • Control WooCommerce default registration form’s visibility

    You can also override WooCommerce’s default registration form on your my-account page with the user wholesale registration form. This action will enable any guest user to register as a wholesaler on your website‘s my-account page.

  • Custom fields for My Account & Checkout page

    The registration form builder gives you the ability to add custom fields to your My Account (under the wholesale upgrade tab) and Checkout page. With this complete and versatile solution, you can build your wholesale WooCommerce store to handle all the challenges of B2B e-commerce.

  • Include or exclude user roles from submitting the registration form

    Include or exclude any user roles from sending registration requests. Added user roles will be displayed in a drop-down list on the front-end page and excluding a user role will restrict users from generating a request. ,

  • Custom CSS option for a registration form

    You can customize the user registration form to your liking. We have added the option to add your custom CSS styling code from the back end. Also, you can change the form display from flat to round.

  • Integration with Dropbox to upload forms and files

    Dropbox is a cloud storage service that can store and share files on the cloud. You can connect your dropbox account with the User Registration extension so that your users can easily upload sizeable files and forms.

  • Create custom forms for different users and customers

    Using the advanced form builder, you can create and display multiple custom forms simultaneously. These forms can be displayed on the page or post of the admin’s choice using a shortcode.

  • Create multi-step registration forms to break down information into segments

    Multi-step or Wizard forms strike a better balance because they allow you to leverage more form fields to collect data and make a large amount of information required to complete a long form appear more organized and less overwhelming.

  • Enable the Billing and Shipping fields on the registration page

    You have the option to enable billing and shipping fields on your registration form so that you can gather important information from your customers. These fields are customizable and can be added using drag and drop.

How to Get Started

  1. Buy User Registration for WooCommerce.
  2. Download and install the extension. You can find the installation guide here.
  3. Activate, set up, and configure the extension.

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