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Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce

Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce reminds users of their previous variations purchased in a product category.

Help Customers Choose Product Variations

Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce recommends variations purchased by shoppers on previous visits.


Reduces abandoned carts

If a customer doesn’t remember what variation they chose on a prior visit, they may abandon their cart in frustration. Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce displays their previous variation choices solving this problem, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Avoid the hassle of refunds and exchanges

When customers purchase the correct variations, they won’t return variations purchased in error.

Added convenience for customers

The display of previous variation purchases means your customers can buy with confidence. This increases the usability of your site and customer satisfaction.


  • Recommends previous variation purchases by category
  • Easy to configure
  • Works for logged-in users

How does it work?

Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce works in multiple use cases.

Example use case

After an initial purchase, the plugin recommends the previously purchased size in the same category.

Initial purchase

  • A user visits a variable product, a t-shirt, in the t-shirts category.
  • The t-shirt’s available sizes are listed as variations.
  • The user selects and purchases a medium t-shirt.

Next purchase

  • The user returns to the store to shop for another t-shirt.
  • The user sees a tip saying they previously purchased a size medium t-shirt below the size options on the t-shirt product page.
  • The user buys another medium t-shirt with confidence.

The previous t-shirt variation purchased is displayed on all t-shirt product pages.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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