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VideographyWP PRO – Product Video

Add videos to WooCommerce product galleries, including videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion with VideographyWP PRO – Product Video for WooCommerce.

Add Videos to WooCommerce Product Galleries

VideographyWP Pro — Product Video helps you enhance your product image galleries by incorporating videos that effectively showcase the features and highlight the benefits users can experience when utilizing your products. By seamlessly integrating into the existing gallery script and using the product gallery templates within WooCommerce or the theme, the plugin has a light footprint with a minimal impact on the product page loading time.


  • Does not replace the default WooCommerce product gallery script
  • Integrates with your WooCommerce theme product gallery templates instead of replacing them
  • Lightweight, uses post meta to store the video details
  • Built for performance—resources (script and styles) are loaded when needed
  • Allows video to be positioned anywhere in the product gallery
  • Plays and pauses the product video automatically when the image changes in the product gallery
  • Compatibility with over 20 premium themes that use another gallery product with a different gallery script (for example, Avada, Flatsome, Leka, Sober, and others)
  • Customizable video gallery thumbnail image
  • You can also customize the color of the play icon above the video thumbnail in the WooCommerce product gallery
  • You can embed videos hosted on Vimeo, YouTube, or Dailymotion
  • Global embedding settings allow you to customize all video embeds, in the same way, throughout your site

Compatible with the WooCommerce Product Gallery

You can add videos to the existing WooCommerce Product Gallery without changing templates or replacing the gallery script used by WooCommerce or your site’s theme.

VideographyWP Pro WooCommerce Product Gallery Video

Add video to product galleries

Adding videos to product galleries is straightforward: paste any video link from Vimeo, YouTube, or Dailymotion and choose which details to import, i.e., video, image, title, or content. All fields are updated automatically with the details you import.

Vimeotheque PRO query product video

Customizable video thumbnails

You can customize each video thumbnail with any image from your WordPress Media Gallery. You can also customize the color of the video icon placed above the thumbnail.

VideographypWP WC product gallery video options

Video-embed sources

VideographyWP Pro can embed public videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion. With Vimeo and YouTube, you can import your private videos and attach them to product galleries by providing an API key.

Control video positions in the Gallery

If the product gallery has at least one image, the video will be added to the gallery. If needed, the position of the video within the gallery can be modified.

Automatically controlled video playback

Video playback management is automatic when a product video displays in a gallery with two or more images. Playback pauses when the user navigates to another image. Playback resumes when the user returns to the video.

Compatible with premium themes

VideographyWP Pro is compatible with the default WooCommerce product gallery script and templates. It is also compatible with many themes that use different scripts.

The following themes and extensions use custom scripts and are compatible with VideographyWP Pro.

LekaAvadaBaselBateauxBridgeElessiFlatsomePatron Child ThemeJevelinMedicareMerchandiserPrimroseRi SpaceRiodeSoberTokooUniconWoodmartYolo MotorWooSwipeYITH Zoom MagnifierYolo Sofani.

If you don’t see your chosen theme on the list above, let us know. We are open to your suggestions for adding additional compatible themes. If you are not sure if your theme is compatible feel free to open a support request with your pre-sales questions.

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