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Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce

Integrate your Woo Store with Walmart Canada.

  • Increase your store’s reach with Walmart Canada’s millions of monthly shoppers
  • Boost product discovery with Walmart Canada’s powerful marketing and SEO
  • Bulk upload your current products to Walmart Canada to get started
  • Automatically update and synchronize your Woo store with Walmart Canada
  • Manage products in both storefronts with one dashboard

Benefits has no monthly fees does not charge monthly fees. You only pay commissions on sales. has powerful performance tools

Their Seller Scorecard easily tracks and optimizes your store performance. has an easy and secure checkout process enables you to offer a quick and secure checkout experience to your shoppers. has excellent SEO tools can profile your products based on category and attributes. It helps reach a broader audience and shows your products on more result pages.


Automated and simplified listings

Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce automatically uploads your WooCommerce listings to Walmart in bulk with a click. You can set various pricing plans, product details, and fulfillment rules for Walmart listings depending on existing WooCommerce inventory data.

automated and simplified listing

Centralized order management

Centrally list, sync, and manage orders, cancellations, and other updates from one admin panel. Admins can experience hassle-free selling and streamline sales and order management.

centraentralized order managementlized order management

Profile-based product uploads

Automate the process of product uploads by creating profiles and filling in category-specific data. like brand, color, size, and material with Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce and assign these profiles to your products on the Walmart marketplace.


Category mapping

Align your product with the relevant product categories and attributes on Walmart. The extension helps your structure your catalog. It makes it easy for shoppers to navigate related product searches—increasing your products’ visibility.

Auto-acknowledge orders

Maintain a reasonable acceptance rate by auto-accepting orders. You can even accept partial orders and forward the unavailable items to other sellers to fulfill.

Feed management

Review the status of your products on Walmart. Whether your products are staged, published, unpublished, or have any errors, everything can be inspected and resolved through a central feed.


Real-time synchronization

Get regular and (near) real-time synchronization of data. Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce tracks prices and stock across and your Woo store.

regular synchronization

Submit shipment

Submit product fulfillment and shipment details to your Walmart seller account. Buyers can easily track their orders while you maintain transparency. Regular communication with shoppers increases customer loyalty, confidence, and repeat sales.



Dedicated account management

After you purchase Walmart Canada Integration for WooCommerce, we will assign you a dedicated account manager. They will help you integrate your Woo store with

24*7 support

In addition to your account manager, our support team representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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