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Prevent product image theft—secure your images with watermarks

Watermark Pro for WooCommerce allows you to secure your product images with a watermark. Add a text or image watermark to plain or striped watermarked backgrounds.

Fully customizable

You can configure text and image watermarks with custom sizes, colors, opacity, and watermark positions. There are five positions available with customizable margins.

You can also set up custom logo blur, blur color, and opacity. Stripes are also customizable—you can set up the color, width, blur, blur color, and opacity.

Bulk options

Automatically apply watermarks on product images, catalog thumbnails, and any other place where images display using the bulk options in Watermark Pro for WooCommerce.

You can auto-watermark any newly uploaded images for new products. With auto-watermark, there’s no action needed when you add new products to your website. Automatically watermark product images when accessed from the frontend.

At any time, you can delete watermarks from images without compromising the original product images.


  • Add text or image watermarks to product images
  • Apply watermarks to any kind of product image
  • Combine cool customizable stripes with text and logo watermarks
  • Setup custom logo blurs, blur colors, and opacity levels
  • Configure text and image watermarks with custom sizes, color, opacity levels, and watermark positions
  • Bulk watermark product images
  • Delete watermarked images without affecting the original product image
  • Works on any image (they don’t need to be WooCommerce product images)
  • Works with WordPress 5.3.2+, WooCommerce 4.0+

Using Watermark Pro for WooCommerce you can customize product images with your brand logo and custom text, and combine them with striped lines.

Prevent image theft. Add custom watermarks to your WooCommerce images.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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