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WhatsApp Order and Live Chat for WooCommerce

Allow your customers to chat online via WhatsApp as well as add products to the WhatsApp cart to place orders.

Sell Products and Chat Live With Your Customers on What’s App

WooCommerce WhatsApp Order and Live Chat extension enable your customers to chat online via WhatsApp and ask questions about your products and services. You can also enable the WhatsApp Cart feature so customers can add products to the WhatsApp cart and place orders on WhatsApp.

Instead of replacing your standard cart and checkout, this extension simply adds an additional WhatsApp cart and order system to let your customers order on WhatsApp. You can enable/disable WhatsApp cart and order system for guests, specific user roles, products, and product categories. You can also choose to hide price and default add to cart button to disable the standard ordering process and force customers to order on WhatsApp only. Here is the detailed features list,


  • Enable WhatsApp Chat Icon
  • Enable Order on WhatsApp system
  • Choose to enable WhatsApp cart for mobile users only
  • Customize add to WhatsApp button label
  • Customize button backgrounds and label colors
  • Show WhatsApp Add-to-Cart-button to specific products, categories, guests, and user roles
  • Choose to hide price and the standard add-to-cart-button from shop and product pages
  • Keep a record of all WhatsApp Orders
  • Option to preload specific product information in WhatsApp message
  • Enable Google Recaptcha on WhatsApp order form

WhatsApp Live Chat

With WooCommerce WhatsApp Live Chat feature, you can enable live chat and let your customers chat with you via WhatsApp. Using a popular chat app builds stronger relationships with your customers and helps them make purchase decisions in real-time.

Order on WhatsApp

With WooCommerce WhatsApp order feature, you can add a separate order system to let customers place orders via WhatsApp. You can choose to hide prices and the standard add-to-cart button to disable normal purchases.

The WhatsApp order button can be enabled for all or specific products, categories, guests, and user roles. You can also choose to preload specific cart information in “Your Custom Message.”

How does order on WhatsApp work?

Your customers will be able to add multiple items to the WhatsApp cart using the “Add to WhatsApp Cart” button and from the WhatsApp cart page. They can fill out the small form and submit the order. The form includes name, email, number, and a message field that is included later with the WhatsApp message along with the cart details.

Once the submission button is clicked, the customer will be sent to WhatsApp with the preloaded WhatsApp cart information. On a single click, these details will be sent to the admin in a WhatsApp message. This opens a communication channel and helps the admin to understand the customer requirements and improve the conversion rate.

Keeps the WhatsApp orders’ Record

The extension keeps a record of all WhatsApp order messages initiated from your store. Just in case, the customer’s web WhatsApp is not logged in or the process breaks, you can reach out to customers using the number and details provided in the WhatsApp order form.

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