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Wholesale Prices & Tiered Pricing

Set up wholesale prices, tiered pricing, special discounts, and hide prices for guests.

wholesale prices & tiered pricing

Flexibly Manage Complex Pricing

This extension is ideal for any wholesale, b2b, or membership store that needs to offer wholesale prices, special discounts, tiered pricing or hide prices for customers or logged out users. The extension will allow you to set up role-based pricing (by group), as well as quantity discounts and a tiered pricing table.

Users can be organized into groups, and prices can be configured for each product, for each group. Each group also has its own price tiers for each product.

This extension allows a high degree of flexibility and enables users to provide customers with complex pricing options.

Main features:

  • Set role-based / wholesale prices by customer group
  • Set up amount or percentage discounts by user or group, for products or categories
  • Built-in group and user management system
  • Easily set up tiered pricing by configuring quantity and price per unit
  • Show an automatically-generated tiered pricing table in each product’s page
  • Hide prices until logged in and prevent checkout
  • Hide price for specific products, categories, users or groups
  • Customize messages (e.g. “Login to view prices” )
  • Import and export wholesale prices via CSV

Features in Detail

Wholesale Prices & Role Based Pricing

Set up wholesale prices by directly entering prices for each customer group in the product page backend.

wholesale prices
Better prices can be offered to business buyers

Tiered Pricing

Users can be incentivized to purchase larger quantities through the plugin’s tiered pricing functionality. You can set specific prices per unit for hitting minimum quantity thresholds.

Backend configuration:

tiered pricing by group

Tiered Price Table

Optionally, a tiered pricing table can be shown in the product page. The table is automatically generated. For the above configuration, this is the generated table:

tiered pricing table

Hide Prices

You can hide prices for all guest users, or alternatively choose specific products and categories in complex rules. Users see a customizable text (defaults to “Price is unavailable”) or a link to the login page instead of prices.

hide prices

Price Import / Export Tool

Prices can be imported and exported via CSV with the plugin’s built-in tool.

wholesale prices import & export

Built-in Group Management System

Included with the plugin is a built-in group management system. Groups can be created, and users can be assigned to groups. These groups are used to set up wholesale prices in the product page, rules, and discounts.

user group

Rules System

Rules can be configured for specific products, categories, users, and groups, as well as categories such as logged in / logged out users.

Hidden Price Rules:

Hidden price rules also prevent checkout, and can be set up for logged out users.

hide prices rules
Hidden price rule for specific products, for logged out users


Discount Rules:

Amount or percentage discounts can be configured for specific products or categories. The discounted price can become the new sale price, or the discount can be added to cart, depending on rule configuration. Discount rules also support conditions such as: total cart value, category value, product value, total cart quantity, category quantity, product quantity.

discount rules
Discount percentage rule configuration
discounted products
Frontend discount display



Looking for More? – B2B & Wholesale Suite

This plugin is part of the B2B & Wholesale Suite.

If you are looking for a complete wholesale or B2B solution for your store, our B2B & Wholesale Suite has it all:

  • Wholesale Bulk Order Form
  • Wholesale Prices
  • Tiered Price and Tiered Price Table
  • Invoice Payment Gateway
  • Tax Exemptions and VAT Validation
  • Business Registration with Custom Fields
  • Messaging System
  • Shopping Lists
  • Payment and Shipping Methods Control
  • Rules for Quantity Step, Minimum Order, Discounts, and more
  • Different Content for Different Users
  • 90+ other features across 20 plugin modules.

B2B & Wholesale Suite


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Buy Wholesale Prices & Tiered Pricing, and transform your WooCommerce store with powerful wholesale capabilities.

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