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WooCommerce Dropshipping

by  OPMC
Manage your entire Dropshipping operation from within WooCommerce. Includes AliExpress integration and Amazon Affiliate support.

Our Latest Update

Pricing and Profit Calculator – Setting pricing based on the suggested profit margin made easy! The price calculator suggests the best profit margin value based on the price range selected in the price calculator.

Dropshipping made easy!

WooCommerce Dropshipping is designed to make Dropshipping easy and hassle-free. This lets you sell more, and work less!

WooCommerce Dropshipping is a powerful store management tool for dropshipping stores. It is ideal for:

  • Managing a dropshipping store.
  • Starting AliExpress Dropshipping with our free Google Chrome Extension.
  • Setting profit margins for AliExpress products based on a percentage or fixed amount offset.
  • Local Suppliers Dropshipping & fulfilment- Suppliers can fulfil orders when their products are purchased through your store.
  • Quickly importing inventory per supplier.
  • Assigning inventory to specific suppliers.
  • Amazon Affiliate Support.
  • Custom emails, packaging slip and invoices for Suppliers and Customers.
  • Packing Slip Verbiage
  • Supplying tracking number of products to the client. 

Our main features

WooCommerce dropshipping is helping woo sellers by expanding their horizons. If you are looking for a solution to start dropshipping with AliExpress, local suppliers around you, or want to become an Amazon associate, this is the plugin for you. WooCommerce Dropshipping provides everything you need to start a successful dropshipping business. 

Drive forward performance with WooCommerce dropshipping dashboard

Get insight into your dropshipping business by visiting dropshipping dashboard. Dashboard provides the following information about your listings:

  • Number of orders and projected profit. 
  • Products that are out of stock.
  • Number of orders for AliExpress products.
  • Pending or fulfilled orders of other local suppliers
  • Completed orders of other local suppliers
  • Active affiliate products
  • Best selling products of your store
  • Products low on stock

 AliExpress Dropshipping with free Google Chrome Extension

Bulk import products from AliExpress

With the help of our dynamic Chrome extension, you can easily find, compare and select the best products and shipping methods for your store. Simply tweak your products, add to queue and import products in bulk from AliExpress Website. 

Importing Individual products and variations

For individual product import, visit product page on AliExpress and make changes to product title, description, images, and variations as seems suitable to you and then add product to store with WooCommmerce Dropshipping chrome extension.

WooCommerce Dropshipping also allows you to import comments with images from AliExpress website. It can help your customers know how product would look like when they receive it. 

Also sync price, variation, and stocks by clicking update product or compare on AliExpress. 

Setting Profit Margins for AliExpress products 

Set profit margins for AliExpress products based on a percentage or fixed amount offset from WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin and enjoy hassle-free dropshipping.

AliExpress Order Automation

Our free Google Chrome extension allows for automatic completion of shipping details on new orders via your AliExpress login. There is no need to manually type out order details.

Whenever clients purchase AliExpress products from your store, clicking on “Place Order” from their orders will automatically redirect you to specific product on AliExpress. Shipping and billing address of your clients will automatically fill up. This saves a lot of time when you have a lot of orders in line.  

Local Suppliers Dropshipping & fulfilment- Suppliers can fulfil orders when their products are purchased through your store

With Local Suppliers dropshipping, assign products to suppliers and allow them to fulfil orders from within your website by assigning them a separate account for orders.

Local Suppliers dropshipping technique allows you to dropship from suppliers who even don’t have any online presence. 

Add dropshipping suppliers and quickly import inventory

Easily manage, add and update dropshipping supplier information. View a supplier’s email details, product count and more.

Supplier inventory can be imported from a CSV file provided by your supplier. This is great for bulk-assigning products to the same supplier.

Assign products to your dropshipping suppliers

Assigning a product to a supplier is as simple and intuitive as it should be. Simply pick a saved supplier from a drop-down menu in the product editor.

Customise your email notifications

Add your store’s branding and contact details to every order notification. Include your logo, contact details and more in the order notifications that are sent to suppliers.

Note: If you want to further enhance your suppliers’ emails and packing slip overall look, install Pro Add-on for WooCommerce Dropshipping on top of WooCommerce Dropshipping. With our new add-on dropshipping extension you’ll be able to:

  • Align logo, order number and heading
  • Style borders conveniently
  • Change size and colour of fonts
  • Customise signature block area
  • Add additional HTML or text-based information under billing and shipping address section 
  • and much more!

Send automated order notifications to suppliers

WooCommerce Dropshipping auto-generates order notifications and sends them to your suppliers via email. These notifications contain everything the supplier needs to know in order to ship the item,  such as the order details, addresses and chosen shipping methods. 

Suppliers can log in, supply tracking and access order information

Your dropshipping suppliers now have access to a locked-down version of your WordPress website. After logging in, they can:

  • View order details, addresses and shipping information for the customers who buy their products.
  • Update you by marking it as “Received”, which tells that your supplier is prepping the product.
  • Check the status of orders and mark them as “complete”
  • Download an order’s packing slip in .pdf format.
  • Provide shipping information by updating tracking numbers and shipping companies for your customers. 

Packing Slip Verbiage

You can control the wording of labels on packing slip that is sent to your supplier. Packing slip verbiage can be used to create non-English packing slips or to change the wording used on the packing slips. 

Amazon associates program support

You can have Amazon products directly in your store, that you’re an affiliate for. Customers click to buy on your store and pay on Amazon, giving you an easy way to sell any Amazon affiliate supported product yourself without a lot of manual work.

SMTP support

Check SMTP options from settings if you are using SMTP to send emails.



How do I add a supplier?

In the WordPress admin menu, go to Products > Suppliers. From this screen, you can add, manage and delete suppliers.


How do I customise order notifications?

Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and click the Dropshipping Notifications tab. From here, you can customise the emails that are sent to suppliers as well as add contact information.


How will my drop-ship supplier bill me for the order?

Often a supplier will allow for NET 30 or use a credit card on file. Ultimately how this happens is between you and your drop-ship supplier.


Why is a PDF not included in my notification emails?

To enable PDFs, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and click the Dropshipping Notifications tab. Scroll to “Send your full order information” to enable and configure the PDF files that are sent to suppliers.

Coming Soon

  • Improved email design – We’re improving the appearance of emails and PDF packing slips.
  • Integration with Sequential Numbers Pro – Sequential Numbers Pro is a WooCommerce plugin which lets you customise and organise order numbers. We’re working on a way to integrate the plugin’s features with WooCommerce Dropshipping so that you can easily keep track of orders.

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