Westpac & St. George PayWay NET Payment Gateway

This extension allows you to use Westpac PayWay Net as a credit card processor, using either Trusted Frame or Hosted Page.

Westpac & St. George PayWay Net

The Westpac PayWay NET Payment Gateway allows you to use Westpac PayWay NET as a credit card processor via their shopping cart process (see note), and also works with St. George Bank. You can process Visa and Mastercard by default, and optionally accept American Express, Diners Club and JCB after activation by your bank.

This gateway supports three integration methods. Trusted Frame is the newer and preferred integration. The gateway generates a credit card form in an iFrame on your checkout page. The disadvantage is that it is slightly harder to style (though you can add custom styles via the plugin configuration). Hosted Payment Page is also supported. The customer will be redirected to a PayWay page to complete their payment. Using this method the customer does not get redirected back to your site, and it can take up to 5 minutes to acknowledge the payment in WooCommerce. This method does support 3D Secure.

Credit card details are sent directly from your checkout page to the Payway servers where they are processed and then user is redirected to your thank you page. As the credit card details never touch your server, there’s no need to worry with complex PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

Find out more about Westpac PayWay and the different integration types at: https://www.payway.com.au/core/AboutView

For a more seamless integration, see the Westpac PayWay API.

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