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Quick View for WooCommerce

Show a quick-view button to view product details and add to cart via lightbox popup

WooCommerce Quick View is an extension that seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store, and introduces a valuable enhancement to your product loops by incorporating a ‘quick view’ button alongside each product listing. When users click on this dedicated button, a pop-up lightbox emerges, providing an instant and detailed preview of the selected product.

Whether you’re showcasing simple products or complex variable products with multiple options, the Quick View extension caters to diverse product types. This means customers can easily review product specifications, variations, prices, and other essential details—all within a lightbox window—without going back and forth between each product page.

By reducing the steps required to access product details and make informed purchasing decisions, WooCommerce Quick View contributes to an improved shopping experience, ultimately fostering increased user engagement and potential conversions. The extension’s integration ensures compatibility with your existing WooCommerce setup, making it a valuable addition to enhancing the efficiency of your online store.

A quick view modal
A quick view modal

Why use Quick View?

Improved User Experience

Enhances the overall user experience by providing a quick and convenient way for customers to preview product details without leaving the main product listing page.

Reduces the need for users to navigate to individual product pages, saving them time and effort.

Efficient Product Browsing

Facilitates faster and more efficient product browsing, as customers can easily access essential product information in a pop-up without disrupting their browsing flow.

Variation Display

Particularly beneficial for stores with variable products, as the Quick View feature allows users to quickly view details of different product variations directly from the product grid.

Streamlined Purchase Process

Enables users to add products to their carts directly from the Quick View pop-up, streamlining the purchase process and reducing the number of steps required to make a purchase.

Reduces Page Reloads

If configured to open with non-AJAX add-to-cart buttons, it minimizes page reloads, creating a smoother and more seamless shopping experience for customers.

Increased Engagement

Encourages user engagement with products by providing a visually appealing and accessible method for exploring product details, leading to potential increased interest and conversions.

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