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WS Form PRO Product Custom Fields Add-Ons for WooCommerce

Create custom fields for products with 60+ customization field types. Customize product pages with tabs, conditional logic, repeaters, calculations, multi-step and more!

Create custom fields for products using the extensive capabilities of WS Form PRO

WS Form PRO is a powerful form development plugin for WordPress.

This extension allows you to create customizable products using 60+ field types, conditional logic, repeaters, multiple steps and more!

You can use this extension to request additional information about a product before it is added to the cart. Furthermore, it works with popular WooCommerce extensions such as QuickView, Wishlist and Dynamic Pricing.

This extension requires you to own the WS Form PRO plugin.

Example Use Cases

… and more! Visit the demo website to see more examples.

Key Features

How it Works

Adding a form to a product

Adding a form to a WooCommerce product is easy! Simply click on the WS Form tab under ‘Product data’ and choose a template or choose an existing form. You can also start with a blank template and create a fully customized form for your product.

Assigned form

Managing your product customization is easy. Simply click ‘Edit Form’ to make changes to your form.

Layout Editor

Use the powerful features of the WS Form PRO layout editor to edit your product customization.

WooCommerce Fields

Use the WooCommerce field types to fully customize where product components are positioned on your product page.

T-Shirt Customization

Create product customizations that dovetail seamlessly into your website.

Multi-Tab Forms

Create multi-step product customizations using all of the features available in WS Form PRO!

View a demo of the WS Form Product Add-Ons extension

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