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Zendesk Support for WooCommerce

by  OPMC
Zendesk Support organises your store by managing customer orders and enquiries at one place with a proper trail and hassle-free environment

Zendesk Support for WooCommerce will simplify your business operations and give you peace of mind. It provides you with a platform where you can manage customer orders and related issues — all in one place.


The Zendesk Support for WooCommerce plugin provides valuable features for managing customer orders.

  • Easy to integrate
    Integrating this plugin is very straightforward. Copy-paste your Subdomain, Username, and Access token from your Zendesk account, save changes, and your WooCommerce store is now integrated with Zendesk.
  • Keep track of orders and emails in one place
    When an order or inquiry is placed by the buyer, a new ticket is automatically generated in Zendesk for the customer. You are notified via email and in your Zendesk account. You can easily follow up on the relevant ticket accordingly.
  • Sort customer orders easily
    You can sort and arrange customer orders based on status, customer name, tags, priority levels, etc.
  • Make notes and tag teammates for easy management of customer-related issues
    You can make notes for your consideration and assign the ticket or task to the relevant team member according to the inquiry made by your customer. You can proceed with all internal and external communication on the same ticket without notifying the customer, by setting the access level for different accounts in Zendesk.
  • Scrutinize your orders by the status
    With Zendesk support integration, you have the capability to filter the orders based on the status of the order.
  • Set priority levels for your customer’s enquiry
    Depending on the severity of issues, you can set priority levels for enquiries made by your clients.

In today’s fast-moving world, proper time management and customer satisfaction are very important to run a successful business! Zendesk Support for WooCommerce keeps your records in one place, and you don’t have to move back and forth between tabs to see related information for your customers. With Zendesk Support for WooCommerce, your time is freed up and customer support becomes more seamless.


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

Zendesk Support for WooCommerce is an ultimate solution for orders management — try it today!

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