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Zendesk Ticket Manager

The Zendesk Ticket Manager extension seamlessly connects your WooCommerce store with your Zendesk account.

Connect your WooCommerce Store with Zendesk

Zendesk Ticket Manager for WooCommerce provides a convenient way for customers to interact with store owners and create tickets without leaving store pages. They can track a ticket’s status, view the admins’ responses, and reply to them while shopping. You can also add files to a ticket to provide customers with more information.

Admins can track order-related tickets and create new ones from the admin panel. An order will be associated with a ticket. It also works on the Zendesk side and allows you to search tickets for a tag with order numbers. Admins can set custom field IDs to save order numbers in this field when they create orders. They can also use this field to get tickets on the order page. So, if the admin has a custom field on the Zendesk side collecting order number info, the extension displays these tickets on the order page.

  • Customers can create and reply to tickets in their WooCommerce customer accounts
  • Admins can create tickets from the WooCommerce backend
  • Admins can check tickets on the Order Backend page


Customers will love the ability to create new tickets from their customer accounts. They can also format text and attach files. All prior tickets and ticket threads are on the My Tickets page.

Store admins will appreciate easily creating tickets, on the support agent’s behalf, on the WooCommerce Admin Panel.

You can assign orders to tickets. If you assign some orders to a key, the list of all tickets assigned to this order will display on the backend order page.

You can interact with your customers more efficiently and conveniently with Zendesk Ticket Manager for WooCommerce.


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

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