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The Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin is a next-generation solution designed to enhance the potential of your eCommerce business. It syncs data from your WooCommerce store with your Salesforce CRM account by mapping feeds with Salesforce objects.

Why Should You Use This Plugin?

Businesses lose potential opportunities to interact with and serve customers by ignoring their data. Data management is crucial at every phase of running a business. Managing data through spreadsheets was standard practice. However, with bulk data generation, it is next to impossible. Using customer relationship management software (CRM) is an easy alternative to manually tracking data. From data management to tracking and visualizing the impacts, CRM can do it all.

Salesforce CRM is popular with marketers due to its expansive features, including contact and task management, customer engagement, collaboration tools, workflow creation, opportunity tracking, intuitive analytics reports, and mobile-ready dashboards.

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  1. Better customer management: the advanced features help you manage your customers by tracking their orders and order items.
  2. Real-time reporting: syncs your WooCommerce data with Salesforce CRM in real-time and displays the records via sync logs.
  3. Automate routine tasks: boosts sales by automating all your basic tasks like gathering information, tracking customer behavior, generating analytics reports, etc.
  4. Advanced security: Salesforce CRM is the most trusted CRM tool where data security is concerned. This integration uses API layer verifications and validations to secure incoming data before it integrates into the CRM.
  5. Intuitive setup process: The plugin offers an easy setup process to sync your website data with your Salesforce CRM account—the layout is interactive.
  6. Fast data sync: the Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin syncs data in real-time. The real-time data sync and historic data sync are key benefits of this plugin.

Note: Rest API needs to be enabled in Salesforce in order to use this integration. Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions have the API enabled by default. Professional Customers can purchase this feature.


1. Integrate WooCommerce stores with Salesforce CRM

This Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin allows you to connect and synchronize all your WooCommerce stores data to your Salesforce CRM account. Authorize the connection and start data sync in just a few minutes!

connect your account

2. Associate WooCommerce object fields with Salesforce modules

This feature helps you to map WooCommerce object fields with your Salesforce CRM account’s modules using association rules. These association rules are called feeds.

edit feeds

3. Create accounts and contacts with customer data

The Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin allows you to create accounts and contacts in the Salesforce CRM using your WooCommerce store’s customers’ data. This means that every time new customers shops your store, their data is automatically captured, and the plugin creates corresponding customer accounts and contacts in your Salesforce CRM.


4. Sync WooCommerce products over Salesforce CRM 

The product feeds feature of this Salesforce WooCommerce integration plugin syncs all your online store’s products over your Salesforce CRM account. Every new product you add in your WooCommerce syncs automatically is data sync for product feeds enabled by you while configuring the plugin settings. 


5. Create custom PriceBooks

This feature of our WooCommerce Salesforce integration plugin allows you to create custom PriceBooks over your Salesforce CRM. Moreover, it also allows you to map your products into PriceBook using PriceBook Entry.

setup pricebook


6. Create and sync WooCommerce orders and add order items to Salesforce Orders.

Using this feature of our Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin, you can also sync your WooCommerce orders with Salesforce CRM through the orders feed. While you sync orders with your CRM account, you can also add the OrderItems alongside for more accurate mapping of data on your Salesforce CRM. 

account feed

sync woocommerce orders

7. Create opportunities based on WooCommerce Orders.

This feature allows you to create opportunities over Salesforce CRM modules based on the WooCommerce orders synced over CRM. The opportunity feeds to track the customer data in sync and create the opportunity using order id, order status, etc. 



8. Sync all your data via instant data sync, manual data sync, historical data sync

The Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin syncs all your data in 3 ways based on your configurations and requirements – 

  • Instant sync or real-time data sync
  • Syncing specific data manually
  • Historical data sync for past data

data sync

9. Data logs for easy tracking

This feature lists all the WooCommerce data synced to your Salesforce CRM.

  • Feeds synced
  • WooCommerce object and object ID
  • Salesforce object and object ID
  • Time of sync

This feature also allows you to delete entries from the data log, either manually or automatically.

sync logs


Integrate your WooCommerce store with Salesforce CRM and leverage our free 24*7 support. Feel free to submit your query.

Visit the Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce Setup Guide to connect, authorize and do the initial setup for this CRM integration for the Integration with Salesforce for WooCommerce plugin.

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