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Eat Grub

Eat Grub is a boundary-breaking new sustainable food brand aiming to revolutionize Western food culture by introducing insects as a staple part of it.

Insects are a tasty and highly nutritious source of food – enjoyed all over the world, they are delicious and sustainable. High in protein and low in complex fats, they’ve been hailed as an environmentally friendly superfood. Needing a fraction of land, feed, and water to be farmed, they are an extremely attractive alternative source of protein.

Eat Grub is the brainchild of high school friends Shami Radia and Neil Whippey. Shami first discovered roasted termites while working for a water charity in Malawi, finding them delicious. Neil, who has a background in food programs for television, began searching for new foods to add to his diet after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

After chatting at a party, the two friends put their heads together and hatched a plan to break boundaries and shatter the Western stigma towards eating insects.

“We’ve entered the market at a perfect time with a growing awareness of nutrition and a real trend right now for a high-protein diet. We’re not going mass market. We need to conserve our energy and be smart and selling online allows us to do that.”
– Shami Radia, co-founder

The duo teamed up with well-known chef, Sebby Holmes, who shared their enthusiasm. Starting small with several well-received pop-ups serving insect-based dishes, Eat Grub quickly attracted media attention and a devoted following.

Now, with a diverse range of delicious freeze-dried, ready-to-cook products – as well as an insect cookbook and collaborations – Eat Grub is introducing more and more people in the UK to the joys of eating insects (or entomophagy, to those in the know).

Join the tiny revolution, one nutricious insect at a time.