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FairyLoot is a monthly book subscription box focusing on Young Adult fantasy literature.

Each and every monthly subscription box is a special experience, making customers feel like they’re opening a box of treasure taken straight from a fairy’s lair. Boxes are lovingly packed with 4-6 handpicked goodies in the heart of London and sprinkled with fairy dust.

Created by fantasy-loving bookworm, Anissa, and her partner, Michael, in February 2016, FairyLoot has now grown into a small and passionate team.

A unique aspect of FairyLoot is the buddy reading feature which links you up with five other people each month, allowing you to connect and read the book contained in that month’s box together.

Additionally, boxes almost always feature personalized letters and signed bookplates, making you feel as if the author is personally placing the book in your hands. Most of the items included are exclusively designed for that specific box, meaning you won’t be able to get them anywhere else.

Get your first box delivered to your doorstep and join passionate fantasy book lovers from all around the world. Fairy tales do come true, after all, with FairyLoot.