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Gilmour is one of the oldest gardening brands in the United States with an extensive offering of reliable and precise watering tools.

For more than 50 years, their innovations and improvements have focused on removing frustrations and adding enjoyment along the path to watering and cleaning success.

Watering changed forever back in 1949 when founder, Robert Gilmour, introduced the first pistol grip nozzle. Now sold in over 40 countries, his is the only brand boasting both hose and hose-end product lines on the market.

Other Gilmour firsts include the original clamp-style hose repair, the exceptionally adjustable Pattern Master sprinklers, and rotor sprinklers with multi-jet nozzles. Their products work together seamlessly to provide secure connections that reduce leaks.

Beyond tools, is a hub for tips, articles, and videos that help visitors select the right tools for the task at hand. A unique Lawn Size Calculator also helps customers determine the best sprinkler for a yard based on its size and shape.

Wisconsin WooExperts, Sleeping Giant Studios, provided enterprise-level services including large scale data migration, faceting and search systems, back-end systems integration, UI workflow adjustments, and performance improvements through advanced caching methods and solid hosting.

Designed for quality, efficiency and control, Gilmour tools empower passionate doers to achieve the outdoor spaces they envision.