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Tossing disposable coffee cups one, two, and even three times a day is a common habit. Baffled by the overflowing rubbish bin in a former workplace tearoom, the directors of JOCO began to question why people didn’t use reusable cups, even if they had one sitting in their bottom drawer at work or in the cupboard at home. Like their piers, they were also uninterested in the chemical taste and poor style of current plastic reusable coffee cups.

A short while later, the good mates came together to raise a little brainchild they had been sharing for a long time: A reusable glass coffee cup that heightened our beloved coffee drinking experience, not degrade it. The cup had to look and feel good, as well as be environmentally and barista friendly. It had to be JOCO.

Witnessing apathy toward the environment first hand, the JOCO founders were inspired to take the leap and create a desirable product that would lessen the daily impact of disposable paper and Styrofoam cups. After two years of research and design JOCO was born. The first JOCO glass reusable cup was officially launched in 2012. Coffee and tea are giant global commodities. Coffee and tea consumption is a serious part of most people’s daily rituals. It was important for JOCO to offer a well-designed, fashionable, reusable cup solution that would appeal to the masses. Today, JOCO has expanded beyond on-the-go cups to include additional high quality glass drinking products.

More than anything, JOCO is proud to be one of the many companies out there that strives to make a difference as much as it strives to make a living. We are proud to be environmentally savvy while at the same time giving your personal taste (and taste buds) the respect you deserve. Pour, drink and most importantly, enjoy.

JOCO HQ is based on the west coast of Victoria (Australia) in the bustling seaside town of Torquay, a community passionate about the natural environment and keen on promoting sustainable lifestyle choices. We’re proud that their site is powered by WooCommerce.