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UBuntu Bridge

UBuntu Bridge

UBuntu Bridge is a movement for social change, based on principles of respect for all people, creatures and the planet. They believe in the transformative and healing powers of people re-engaging with indigenous wisdom and people, specifically through language learning. By choosing WooCommerce to help them spread this message and put the methodology, resources, facilitators and other elements crafted over the last decade to more and consistent use, they’ve taken another step towards achieving their goal of a positive social impact in South Africa.

Providing online learning courses & material to assist people in learning the isiXhosa and isiZulu languages, UBuntu Bridge also offer a free course sent straight to your inbox as a gateway to their more conversational guides. With fun courses, awesome teachers and edutaining videos to back up their practical materials, there’s never been a more accessible, relaxed way to learn a new language – their public classes and cultural integration experiences are also great for team-building or exchange programs.

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