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Finally, choosing a WooCommerce theme is easy.
Say hello to Storefront.

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Storefront is an intuitive & flexible, free WordPress theme offering deep integration with WooCommerce.

It's the perfect platform for your next WooCommerce project.

Bulletproof WooCommerce integration

Storefront is built and maintained by WooCommerce core developers so you can rest assured the integration between WooCommerce, WooCommerce extensions and Storefront is water-tight.

Uptime is of utmost importance to any eCommerce site. Say goodbye to fear of conflicts between theme and plugin during major WooCommerce updates.

Bulletproof WooCommerce integration

Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow

The Storefront platform is built on solid foundations. Based on the popular Underscores starter theme (which Automattic use for all themes on it also features a responsive layout, flexible, nestable grid system and schema markup for enhanced SEO performance.

Mighty Oaks from small Acorns grow

Choose your own adventure

The default Storefront design is clean and simple - the perfect starting point from which to customise your store to match your brand, whether that's using the WordPress customizer or a custom plugin / child theme integrated with the developer friendly codebase.

Choose your own adventure
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What are you waiting for? Install Storefront and transform your shop now.

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Lean & Mean

The Storefront philosophy is to do one thing well. In this case that is to provide a rock solid foundation for your next WooCommerce project.
Here's what makes Storefront great:

  • Zero Shortcodes

    With Storefront, you only get what you need. That means no superfluous shortcodes and other extraneous nonsense.

  • Zero Sliders

    Other WordPress themes bundle a multitude of sliders. Storefront lets you choose the appropriate plugin for your slider needs. Need a slider that works with Storefront? Check out WooSlider.

  • Zero Page Builders

    Page builders are great, if you need one. If you don't, they're bloat. Storefront is compatible with Site Origin PageBuilder, Beaver Builder & Visual Composer. Install your favorite and go!

  • Schema Markup

    Valid schema markup for improved SEO performance.

  • Tight WooCommerce integration

    Bulletproof integration, not only with WooCommerce core but with several WooCommerce extensions.

  • Just enough display options

    Change the look and feel of your store in a few clicks and see your tweaks in real-time. Want more control? Check out the Storefront Designer extension.

  • Flexible CSS grid

    Every Storefront element has been meticulously placed upon a flexible and robust CSS grid.

  • Responsive

    Whether you view a Storefront store on a laptop / desktop computer or handheld device, it will adapt and display beautifully.

  • Based on Underscores

    Underscores is Automattic's popular starter theme, used as a starting point for all WordPress themes on Secure & stable.

  • Localized

    Storefront is fully localized and ready for your translations. Download a translation file for your language, or contribute to translating Storefront on

  • Accessibility Ready

    Storefront adheres to the strict accessibility guidelines making your store accessible to the widest audience possible.

  • Custom homepage template

    The homepage template included in Storefront will display product categories, recent, featured, on sale & top-rated products.

Something missing? There's an extension for that!

The Storefront core feature list is lean & mean by design. To take your Storefront install to the next level, have a look at the Storefront extension catalog.

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Fancy a new look? Check out our Storefront Child Themes

Storefront Child Themes allow you to instantly transform the look of your store. Take a look at our growing catalog now.

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Can't find the feature you're looking for?

Suggest and vote on ideas / feature requests at the Storefront Ideas Board. The most popular ideas will see prioritised development.

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Looking for help & support?

There's a wealth of Storefront documentation available at the WooCommerce documentation site.

WooCommerce Customers can get dedicated support through our help desk.

Not a customer? Try the support forums.

Get involved

Spotted an issue in Storefront and want to report it? Or even better, submit a patch?
Head on over to the active github repository where you can help shape the future of Storefront!

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