Get Bowtied is a creative design and development studio that specializes in crafting top-notch WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins. Get Bowtied’s themes are known for their clean and modern design and are popular among users who want to create professional-looking websites. Get Bowtied also offers a range of plugins to enhance the functionality of WordPress and WooCommerce sites. Their plugins have been downloaded thousands of times and are highly popular among users. A popular plugin from Get Bowtied is the HookMeUp plugin, which allows users to easily customize the appearance of their WooCommerce site, without altering the theme’s code. Get Bowtied is also known for providing excellent support to their customers and for regularly updating their themes and plugins to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. Get Bowtied is an accomplished author who made their debut in 2012 and has since sold over 60,000 items.

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