Community Support

Join us on our mission to democratize commerce by helping support the WooCommerce Community.

Inspire. Empower. Include.

Our mission at WooCommerce is to democratize commerce. That means making it accessible to everyone — and we do that by providing the education, software, and community needed to help store owners succeed.

The WooCommerce community supports the mission by lowering the barrier of entry. Through our local and global community spaces, store owners can find inspiration, support, and connections.

In 2020, we started the Community Support Team to recruit, train, and support volunteers to lead in our WooCommerce Facebook Group. In 2021, we’re growing the team and we’d love to have you join us.

We’re expanding the team and looking for new volunteers to join our existing volunteer team for a three month program starting in March, 2021.

Why Join

  1. Service — As a part of our team, you will be joining us in carrying out the mission to help store owners succeed when they need it the most: in the early days of their new business.
  2. Learning — Volunteering is a chance to try new things, develop new skills, and learn more about the WooCommerce community. 
  3. Connecting — Volunteering is a great way to make new connections and expand your personal network.

How it Works

We’re looking for volunteers to help us support store owners in our Facebook Group.

We have a wide variety of team roles you can pick from depending on your skillset and growth goals. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Review the available roles and responsibilities
  2. Apply using the form below
  3. We will review your application and follow-up
  4. If accepted, we’ll start work in March, 2021 


Publisher – Share inspiration, news, and updates.Responder – Answer questions and guide community members towards resources and solutions.Analyst – Monitor group activity and identify opportunities to improve how we support community members.
Team Coordinator – Collaborate with your team and support them in fulfilling their mission. Gather information and complete a weekly scorecard.
Moderator – Manage membership requests, send welcome messages, and moderate reported content. Can’t decide? Apply and we’ll guide you!

For each role, we recommend that you set aside up to five hours per week for contribution. You’ll be invited to attend a weekly sync meeting and complete a weekly check-in with your team.

It takes people like you

Our first season of the Community Support program included people from around the world and we had a great experience.

The WooCommerce Community Volunteer program is an incredible opportunity to work with other like-minded volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds with the common ground of WordPress and WooCommerce. It’s an open and supportive environment where you can share your knowledge of WooCommerce, learn more about its capabilities, its community of users and developers, as well as network.

Every member of the team was full of enthusiasm, engaged and supportive. During weekly team meetings we were all encouraged to offer our insights from our interactions and observations within the community facebook group. This was an open discussion about what is working well within the community and what opportunities exist to improve the connection between the WooCommerce team and its growing community of users and developers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to have an influence on the WooCommerce community and grow as a WooCommerce user.

– Leslie, Responder

Apply Now

Complete the form and we’ll follow-up with you within 2-3 business days.