Accept crypto payments with WooCommerce

Reach new customers, accelerate international growth, and enjoy lower transaction fees when you accept crypto payments with WooCommerce.

Global crypto spending is expected to grow to $39B by 2026

Statista 2023

A new way to get paid

Get ready for a new era of ecommerce with cryptocurrency for WooCommerce.

Offer more flexibility and broaden your prospective customer base by providing cryptocurrency as a payment method alongside any other payment providers. Give your customers the option to pay with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin, with the freedom of accessing your earnings in digital or local currency.

Tap into new markets, eliminate chargeback fees, and provide a new way to pay when you accept crypto payments using WooCommerce. Find out what’s possible with crypto.

Reach new customers

An estimated 300 million people worldwide hold cryptocurrency. By offering crypto as a payment method in your store, you’re opening up the possibilities of reaching customers you wouldn’t have before.

Choose how you get paid

When you offer cryptocurrency as a payment method, you can choose whether you want your earnings transferred to you in your local currency (select currencies via bank/exchange partners) or as cryptocurrency.

Expand internationally, without restrictions

Take payment from anyone, virtually anywhere, at any time. No need to wrangle local currency set up – crypto operates without borders.

Keep more of what you earn

Experience lower transaction fees when you accept crypto payments. Plus, your earnings will reach your account within minutes – not days.

Start accepting crypto payments
with WooCommerce

With WooCommerce, you have a number of options available to accept crypto payments on your store. Read up on how to select a crypto payments provider, or explore our cryptocurrency partners.


Choose which cryptocurrencies you’d like to accept – and how you’d like to get paid (either in crypto, or convert to fiat or stablecoins). Coinbase supports payments from all crypto wallets, and also enables you to send invoices to get paid in crypto.


Set up Helio Pay in minutes and get paid instantly to the crypto wallet of your choice! Accept hundreds of digital currencies, including USDC, Solana, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Use the intuitive dashboard to track orders, manage payouts, and more.


Accept any crypto tokens – directly into your Web3 wallet – with immediate conversion to the token of your choice. Plus, you can provide a flexible and speedy experience to your customers with a one-click checkout process.

Discover the potential
of cryptocurrency and ecommerce

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How to choose a crypto payments provider

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How Your Customers Can Pay with Crypto

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Making the right decision for your store

Every situation is different and, though we’ve presented some valuable information, it’s up to merchants to make decisions about the future of their store. We’re not financial or legal professionals, so merchants should consult with their own qualified, trusted advisors.

WooCommerce doesn’t provide crypto services, but we have identified partners who can form an exclusive, direct relationship with merchants to do so. We don’t facilitate nor are we a party to any transaction.