Download WooCommerce and build exactly the store you want

WooCommerce is the open-source, fully customizable ecommerce platform built on WordPress. Whether you’re coding stores for clients, your company, or yourself, Woo lets you create whatever you need to succeed. Download the latest version today and start building the next great online shopping experience.

How to install WooCommerce

Once you download the WooCommerce zip file, you can upload it to your WordPress web server using your favorite FTP application. Here’s how.

  1. Unzip the file locally so that you have the woocommerce/ folder on your hard drive.
  2. Transfer the extracted folder to the wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress site via SFTP or remote file manager.
  3. From the Plugins menu in the Administration Screen, click Activate for the transferred plugin.

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“The expandability of Woo is great, we moved to Woo because of the customizability. With Shopify, everything is behind a paywall and makes it difficult to test and develop.”

Build for the future

Dream it, do it

Our flexible platform lets you make beautiful, conversion-optimized shopping experiences for physical products, digital downloads, services, accommodations, bookings, and subscriptions. As your needs change, you can add functionality with hundreds of pre-built extensions from our Marketplace — or custom-build whatever you need.

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The power of true ownership

WooCommerce is open source, giving merchants full ownership over their store and their data. When you create a Woo store, it’s yours forever — not something you’re renting. It also means you can choose your preferred host based on your needs for cost, scalability, and feature sets.

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Work your way

If you already know WordPress, building on WooCommerce will be like spending time with an old friend. From your favorite plugins to the WP-CLI, you’re in familiar territory. Plus you’ll have access to a robust set of tools like hooks, filters, and REST API endpoints to create the way you want.

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“Woo’s greatest strength is its extensibility. There’s very little I can’t build with Woo. Given enough time and resources Woo can be finely tailored to even your store’s most niche feature.”

Download WooCommerce now for free

WooCommerce is free to download and free to modify any way you see fit. Get the freedom to build your way — start today.