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Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce

Desarrollado por FmeAddons
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Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce

Desarrollado por FmeAddons

Increase sales with countdown a timer! Use the Sales Countdown Timer extension for WooCommerce to create a sense of urgency that compels users to place orders right away. You can display sales countdowns on the homepage and on product pages, and customize the timer: choose from the included timer styles, choose its position on product pages ,and customize the timer’s text and background with vibrant colors to make it pop!


  • Display sales timers and show quantity countdowns
  • Show sales times on the homepage and on individual product pages
  • Choose classic or advanced timer style
  • Display timers below the product price or image
  • Personalize the text and colors

Timers & quantity counters on product pages

Sales Countdown Timer lets you display a countdown timer and sales quantity counter on the product page.

Timers & quantity counters on the shop page

You can also display sales countdown timers and quantity counters on your general shop page.

Timer styles 

Sales Countdown Timer provides a variety of timer styles so you can choose one that best suits your website.

Variety of Countdown Timer Styles

Positioning options

You have the option to display the countdown timer below the product price, or below the product image.

sales countdown timer

Color customization

Select custom colors for both the countdown timer and quantity counter.

Customize Color Scheme of Timer & Quantity Counter

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