Seven Ways Jetpack CRM Can Help Your WooCommerce Store Grow

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If you’ve run a business for even just a few months, you’ve discovered the urgent need for a way to organize the steady accumulation of valuable customer information. Excel spreadsheets quickly lose their utility as data continues to pour in.

What you need is a CRM, which stands for customer relationship management. A CRM’s purpose is to organize your customer data so it becomes useful and profitable for your business. The alternative is chaos, lost data, and a constant state of feeling out of control. 

For example, would it be helpful if you could quickly figure out which customers have made a purchase of over $20 in the last six months? 

Or, what if you could easily acquire a list of everyone who hasn’t purchased in over a year? You could develop a reactivation campaign for them. 

CRMs enable you to organize and segment your customers based on their activity (or inactivity) and create targeted and more effective marketing campaigns. They also help you stay on top of your numbers. Orders, revenue, profits, trends, signups — you need to know this stuff. 

Is Jetpack CRM the right one for your business?

The need for a CRM is pretty clear. But if you start digging, you’ll find out that CRMs have their own entire industry. There are tons of choices, and trying to understand the differences becomes very complex, very fast. 

That’s because some CRMs are built for businesses with millions of customers and thousands of employees, while others are built for small businesses or online stores. 

Jetpack CRM was built for online stores, services, and charities, especially those using WooCommerce. Here are seven ways Jetpack CRM will help your WooCommerce store grow.

1. Stay current with purchase data

How valuable is it to always have an up-to-date customer database? It’s priceless, because, at any moment, you can find information that’s relevant to whatever task you’re working on, such as a marketing campaign or a product audit. 

Jetpack CRM enables you to tag each customer with the products they’ve ordered, and you can set this up to happen automatically so it requires no time from you.

customer transaction viewed in Jetpack CRM

How can this grow your revenue?

Maybe you want to have a sale on a popular product, and want to offer it only to those customers who have bought it before. Or maybe you have a new product that relates to a popular one and think that previous buyers are most likely to want it.

With Jetpack CRM, you can quickly create a segment of all previous buyers for a particular product, and then trigger an email campaign that will go out exclusively to them. And that’s just one of countless ways you can use customer data to grow your revenue.

2. Personalize your marketing

Jetpack CRM enables you to view each customer’s full activity history. You can see every email and every call between each customer and your business.

customer profile in Jetpack CRM

By knowing specifically what’s going on with everyone, you can create hyper-personal marketing and deliver customer service that makes the person feel known. 

Suppose someone calls to ask about a product, and you pull up their history and notice they’re a long-time customer. You could offer them a thank you reward right there on the spot, such as an invitation to an exclusive group of your best customers, or a free sample for an upcoming new product.

3. Add extensions that customize the platform to your needs

Not every business needs every CRM feature. This is one of the biggest problems with most CRMs. They’re so complex because they’re trying to meet all the needs of all possible businesses.

But most businesses don’t need the majority of the bells and whistles that are available from other CRMs. They just need a way to organize their customer data so it’s useful. 

Jetpack CRM is modular. 

That means you can pick and choose the extra features you need to grow your business, and not waste money on a bunch of stuff you don’t. Here’s the Jetpack CRM extension library if you want to see some of the extra services and tools that are available.

For example, you can use the Twilio extension if you want to get a text message every time a new order comes in. The Mail Campaigns extension allows you to send email campaigns. The Automations extension lets you set up welcome emails and alert your employees about a new lead. 

Again, not all of that is relevant to each business. With Jetpack CRM’s modular approach, you only pay for the tools you need. This is one reason Jetpack CRM is available at such a low price.

4. See all your sales activity in one place

The Jetpack CRM dashboard is fast and easy to use. You can find out how well your business is performing almost instantly.

Jetpack CRM dashboard

It shows you things like:

  • Orders and sales, including the most recent orders
  • Metrics on new customers and leads
  • Slices of customer and order activity based on dates you select

With Jetpack CRM, you’ll always have current data.

5. It’s easy to learn and powerful to use

As a business owner, your time is money. You don’t have time to spend weeks learning a complex new software system, only to discover that you don’t need 90% of the features they’re offering.

With Jetpack CRM, you get the basic and advanced features of a CRM that you need, but without the learning curve. Monitor and access everything from your dashboard. Add on extra tools as the need arises, and stay focused on your business. 

That’s one way businesses grow — by avoiding distractions and time-intensive tasks like learning unnecessary new software.

6. Syncs seamlessly with WooCommerce

Jetpack CRM seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce. That means that all the data from each one syncs perfectly, and both systems are built upon the same WordPress foundation. 

You don’t have to hassle with extra tasks like exporting your data, making sure the integrations work, and dealing with poor customer service. It’s all backed by Happiness Engineers, people inherently familiar with WordPress.

7. Jetpack CRM has an incredible price

The big CRMs cost thousands per month. Many of the smaller ones are in the low hundreds per month. Right now, you can get Jetpack CRM free for 14 days, and then it’s super affordable after that. You can find the latest pricing at the bottom of this page.

There simply is no better value for a tool this powerful and easy to use. Jetpack CRM offers so much potential for revenue and sales growth, better customer service, business insights, data organization and awareness, and more. 

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