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Price Calculator for WooCommerce

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Add measurement-based price calculators to let your customers calculate product price in real-time by entering their required size.

Measurement Based Price Calculator

WooCommerce Price Calculator extension enables you to sell product by size like meter, lbs, sqft, sqm and more. Allow customers to enter measurements and calculate product prices based on dimensions entered by customers. Perfect for selling measurement-based products like blinds, rope, wires, fencing, mulch, wallpapers, liquids, tiles by box, food, and more.

Add pricing tables to offer different prices or discounts based on size ranges. With variable pricing, you can entice customers to buy in bulk to qualify for discounts.

Allow customers to enter dimensions in different units. You can also add min/max limits for different dimensions and price in real-time based on customers’ input values. With this extension, you can also manage products stock by sizes. Compatibility with variable product enables you to sell variable products by size.


  • Sell products by length, area, volume, weight, and box
  • Add measurement prices at the product level or create global pricing rules
  • Support multiple measurement units
  • Ability to accept measurements in decimals
  • Set different input and output units
  • Supports product with variables
  • Limit measurement by
    • Minimum or maximum
    • Comma-separated custom measurements (displayed in dropdowns)
    • Add limitations on each input field and total measurement size
  • Manage product stock
  • Create pricing tables and set different prices based on size
  • Customize table positions and labels
  • You can display a units dropdown to allow customers to select input units
  • Limit minimum and maximum purchase amounts

Use cases

  • Price by length for selling rope, wires, and more – Demo
  • Price by area for selling blinds, carpets, and more – Demo
  • Price by the box for selling tiles, wood, and more – Demo
  • Price by weight for selling oil, meat, and more – Demo
  • Price by volume for selling mulch, water tanks, and more – Demo
  • Price by weight for a variable product – Demo

Supports 7 Measurement Types:

With WooCommerce measurement-based price calculator, you choose from seven different measurement types that suit your product requirements: length, weight, area, square area, box, volume, and surface area.

1) Price by length

The price by length measurement type is right for products like rope, wire, cloth, pipes, and more. This measurement type offers eight pricing units which include the following.

  • Millimeter
  • Centimeter
  • Inches
  • Foot
  • Yard
  • Meter
  • Kilometer
  • Mile

2) Price by weight

The price by weight measurement type is right for products like oil, rice, sugar, meat, and more. This measurement type offers five pricing units which include the following.

  • Kilograms
  • Grams
  • Ounces
  • Pounds
  • Tons

3) Price by area (L*W)

The price by area measurement type is right for blinds, carpets, wooden tiles, and more. You can display two input fields to allow customers to enter the size in length and width. This measurement type offers eight options which include the following.

  • Square millimeters (sq. mm)
  • Square centimeters (sq. cm)
  • Square inches (sq. in)
  • Square feet (sq. ft)
  • Square yards (sq. yd)
  • Square meters (sq. m)
  • Square kilometers (sq. km)
  • Square miles (sq. mi)

4) Price by area (sq)

Price by area (sq) enables you to display a single input field to add a measurement in square feet, square meters, or any other dimension set by the store admin. This measurement type also offers eight options which include the following.

  • Square millimeters (sq. mm)
  • Square centimeters (sq. cm)
  • Square inches (sq. in)
  • Square feet (sq. ft)
  • Square yards (sq. yd)
  • Square meters (sq. m)
  • Square kilometers (sq. km)
  • Square miles (sq. mi)

5) Price by box

This is a specialized measurement type to allow you to take a size in two dimensions to estimate the number of boxes the customer needs. Instead of pricing based on the measurement size, you can set the price per box. You can choose to set the pricing unit in square feet or square meters.

6) Price by volume (L*W*H):

Price by volume is perfect for selling mulch and liquid products sold in volume. You can choose from 13 volume pricing units.

  • Cubic millimeters
  • Cubic centimeters
  • Cubic inches
  • Cubic fluid ounces
  • Cubic feet
  • Cubic meters
  • Cubic yards
  • Cubic milliliters
  • Cubic liters
  • Cubic quarts
  • Cubic pints
  • Cubic cups
  • Cubic gallons

7) Price by surface area

Price by surface measurement type enables you to sell products by surface area like wrapping paper. The format behind the calculation is surface area 2(LW + LH + HW). You can choose from nine pricing units which include square millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, yards, meters, kilometers, miles, hectares.

Add measurement prices from product level

Product-level settings allow you to configure personalized measurement sizes and prices for each product. For each product, you can configure the following fields.

  1. Standard and sale prices
  2. Price text
  3. Measurement type
  4. Price unit
  5. Input field (keep open with the minimum or maximum, or add specific values to the dropdown)
  6. Input unit (same as the price unit or select a different unit)
  7. Add a minimum or maximum limit or comma-separated values depending on your choice for the input field
  8. Enable the pricing table to set different prices for different units

Global rule level measurement pricing

You can create global rules to enable measurement-based pricing for multiple products and categories. Instead of going through each product page to configure measurement type, units, and price, you can save time by implementing this in bulk. You can also configure the minimum and maximum purchase-amount rule levels.

How does it work?

Just like the product level settings, you can configure the measurement type, input or output unit, and size limitation from the rule level. However, when it comes to setting the price, you can choose from the following three different options.

  • Add per-unit price in the rule and price table (the same price will be applied to all selected products)
  • Use the standard price as a per-unit price (the standard price of each product will be used as the per-unit price)
  • Use product-level measurement pricing (using product-level settings to set the per-unit price and pricing table)

Set Different Input and output unit

You can set different input and output units depending on your product requirements. People tend to measure their rooms using different units however, the product prices are entered based on a single measurement unit. For example, if you are selling curtains, your prices are usually in square feet. However, customers may measure in inches or centimeters.

To give measurement options, you can choose to set a single input unit or display a dropdown with multiple units.

Limit measurement sizes

You can limit measurement sizes on both input and output units. For example, if you sell in square feet and require customers to enter the length and width, you can add separate limitations on input (length, width) and output (square feet) values.

The limitations can be in minimum and maximum range limits, or you can display a dropdown with specific measurement values.

Pricing table

With the Price Calculator for WooCommerce extension, you can create a price table to set prices based on measurements. This is convenient when you need to set different prices for bulk purchases. You can customize the table labels and positions on product pages.

Supports variations

With variable product support, you can configure different prices for different variations. Each variation can have different prices along with the price table.

Stock management

Manage your product stock using the default stock field. As soon as the extension is configured, the default field will be used as the stock size. For example, if you have 500 stock and configure the price unit as square feet, the extension will treat 500 as 500 square feet of stock.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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