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by  Woo
Direct debit via UK-based payment method

About GoCardless Plugin

Hi, I am using a GoCardless payment gateway in one on my website. I want to check 1 feature before buying this plugin.
I have a course website that I have created for my client the website is related to a course I have developed with tutor lms paid membership pro or woocommerce. Now i want to integrate GoCardless payment gateway.
I am targeting two countires UK or Australia . I am also using FOX currnecy swithcer with Geo Ip so user from UK will pay in their own curency or customer from Australia pay in $.
Now i want if user is from UK and can enroll to a course then user pay amount for that course so i want that payment will be received in my UK GoCardless account or if user purchase course from australia so the payment will receive in australia GoCardless account.
Is this something that i can achive using this plugin please let me know asap so i can go ahead in this.
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Last updated: July 25, 2023


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