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Add a Genealogy Tree / Pictogram for all tiers of affiliates

I suggest that an additional feature be added to the affiliates dashboard, so each affiliate can see a genealogy / pictogram of affiliates on the various levels based on the tiers allowed in the commission plan. For example – for a 3 tier commission plan, each affiliate can view all affiliates within their group/”down line” down to three levels.


Current Status


Last updated: January 30, 2022


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  1. mygorillaleads says:

    I would have expected that option to be standard in Version #1

  2. jacqueen95 says:

    This should be main task to get visual tree up in affiliate dashboard, including the affiliate contact so they could reach for support.

  3. jenlyssy says:

    Absolutely necessary in a multi-tiered program; both in tree and list view. And to be able to control what is viewed in the tree and list, such as name, contact info, etc.

    Sometimes program only want the visual tree; and other times data to go with it. Must be controllable.

    As a bonus, a way to display the name and contact info of the affiliates sponsor, so they can reach out for support.