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Add a setting to customize product id “gla_” prefix

Google Listings & Ads adds by default “gla_” prefix to products being added to Google Merchant Center (as stated in plugin faqs

This default behaviour should be customizable by the user with a new feature in plugin settings that allows to change or even totally disable the prefix.

The current default behaviour breaks the correspondence between the product ids being sent to Google Merchant Center by Google Listings & Ads plugin and the conversion tracking events sent by other plugins like “Woocommerce Google Analytics Integration” that sends plain product ids.

The issue is described in details here:

And has already an opened Git Hub issue here

All this issues could be solved by adding a prefix customize feature in plugin settings.



Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2023


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  1. sukafia says:

    If you come across this issue, we have a code snippet for removing the gla_ prefix here.

  2. edwinoonk says:

    very much needed