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Add: Alternate Product Recommendations to the CORE engine

We should not be required to purchase “yet another plugin” just to handle alternate product requests.

Why? the “order-again” functionality is in the core. Yet, if the product no longer is available, the button is NOT hidden, and simply “fails” – returns the buyer right to the store, resulting in a frustrated buyer, and a frustrated store owner. Nor is there any way of controlling “order-again if product is not available then redirect to product Y” or automatically add product Y to the cart (instead of the original purchased product).

Something at a minimum level (maybe not with all the functionality of the extended plugin that’s available today) needs to be added to the core engine, so that we are not stuck with yet-another-plugin, or yet-another-custom-code-snippet syndrome.



Daniel Linstedt

Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2024


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