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Add cryptocurrencies to store base currency list

When we look at the list of available currencies to set as the store base currency, we don’t see any cryptocurrencies. We know that merchants are using crypto on their stores and it’s reasonable to expect that some might want to have a crypto as their base currency. I’m proposing that we allow them to do so.

Why would we fix this?

Cryptocurrencies are a valid method of payment for our merchants – allowing merchants to set their store base currency to a non-fiat currency would be in service of giving merchants the freedom to transact how they wish to do so.

How could we fix this?

There are 5,000+ cryptocurrencies. We cannot list them all. What I’d propose is a 2-pronged approach.

Let’s list the top (3/5/10) cryptocurrencies (based on CoinMarketCap or similar).

Let’s also allow merchants to set a custom currency, including noting that this is possible in the UI and providing instructions on how to do so in a no-code manner.

How urgent is this?

I’d like it done soon but I’m sure that’s what everyone says. I’d guess this is not a burning hot priority but we should probably get it done at some point.

I hope this is a reasonable request in a reasonable format and in the right channel. Any help or discussion very much welcomed.



Dave Lockie

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Last updated: March 17, 2023


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