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Add Kosovo

Add Kosovo to Woocommerce Payments States.


Current Status


Last updated: February 1, 2022


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  1. senadmhm says:

    Using any snippet plugin and a little PHP code you guys can manually add Kosova and other cities to your woocommerce checkout page 🙂

  2. Burim Shaqiri says:

    if someone know how to edit and fix it here is a sample

  3. Burim Shaqiri says:

    did anyone found a way to add the shipping and payment method on the order checkout since i have added Kosovë as a country but the shipping and payment cant figure out how to fix it, here is a pic

  4. eplaku says:

    KOSOVO is not part of Serbia, this is very disrespectful. It as an independent Country. Thank you.

  5. dinimobishop7 says:

    Go add Kosovo do not be mal

  6. eltonhetait says:

    Add Kosovo as a state because this is really ridiculous for you to make Kosovo a part of Serbia when it is well known that Kosovo is an independent state and this could never happen, we are waiting for you to fix this problem as soon as possible.

  7. flandercanaj18 says:

    KOSOVO its not part of Serbia, this is very disrespectful for our Country, for all those war years Kosovo had to pas from Serbia, please add it as an independent Country because it is so. Before you add it as a part of Serbia check the Map Pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!