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Min/Max Quantities

by  Woo
Minimum and maximum quantity rules for products, orders and categories.

Add min/max seat sales capability to LearnDash Organisations (Groups Plus)

LearnDash Groups plus plugin allows you to sell Organisation Seats via WooCommerce.

When doing so, it allows the end-user to select how many course participant seats they would like to buy for their company.

As a merchant selling that service with my woocommerce store, I would like to setup an organisation seat product that allows a minimum and maximum number of seats to be defined for that organisation product.

I have bought your min/max plugin but currently it does not work seamlessly, since it applies an additional number selection box in it (that includes the minimum number defined), but it doesn’t refresh when the user selects their number of seats using the available course seat volume fields, which are also shown on the page.

The min/max plugin should allow the user to continue to add the number of seats in the existing fields available for the product mapped to each course, and then ensure that the store message gives the correct notification aligned to the volume of seats actually added by the user, rather than defaulting to saying that the minimum number has been added (even if more has been selected).



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Last updated: February 12, 2024


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