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Add package information to order details

It would be great to add the package information to the order details. This way when the product picker goes to the warehouse to pack the items, they know exactly what packing to use etc.

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Last updated: June 23, 2016

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  1. J Scott says:

    Without the information of which package was used to calculate the shipping cost, when an actual person chooses a different sized package the shipping rate can be significantly different. For example, I am dealing with a situation where the plugin choose a 35x15x5 box, the person packing the order choose an 18x18x14 box. The 35x15x5 was $85 for 2nd day air, the 18x18x4 is $129. This cost us $44 because the person packing did not have the information of what size the plugin used for the calculation. The USPS plugin displays this information, this should be a pretty straightforward. I’m not Anonymous, I’m J Scott


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