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WooCommerce Bookings

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Allow customers to book appointments, make reservations or rent equipment without leaving your site.

add possibility for resources to be quantity 1 (eg guide / person) with a capacity of X people per booking

I have resources that are guides. one guide is available on a given day and can be allocated to several different products (activities), each of which has several places (people as bookings) available. However he can only lead one activity at a time so once one of the activities is booked, he can’t be available for any of the others and they need to go off sale.

Setting the resource quantity for the guide to 1 (as in 1 person) means that only 1 booking place is available for the product so that doesn’t work. If I make the quantity available for the guide resource to 10, this is fine for making an individual product have correct availability. However if only 2 people book onto an activity, he is still showing as available for other activities.

Once the guide is used for any product, he cannot be available in the same time slot for other products so those products need to go off sale and only remaining availability in the first product booked should show.

eg guide resource quantity 10
activity 1 max bookings 8
activity 2 max bookings 6

If 2 people booking onto activity 1 for x time slot, the resource is still showing available for activity 1 and 2.

I need to override this to make resource (guide) available for activity 1 until the 8 spaces are booked up and not available for any other products at that same time.

Suggest the way to make this work would be to allow resources to be people and add possibility to accept a capacity of x people / bookings. eg we have 3 guides resources, each with a capacity of 10 or 1 guide with a capacity of 4 and another with a capacity of 8.


Current Status


Last updated: May 31, 2020


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